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But the teaching and the mentality that we have always stay the same. And it'll be endless war something. We're still talking about. But you know, speaking it, and then the next step is the belief. That's the strong part. That's the major part. That's the that's the most important part, you'll belief and they say faith is a belief in. But it is believed that whatever you speaking life is going to happen. That's why you say you gotta be specific. That's another rule to you have to be specific about what you say. You gotta know what you want the university until you. But you gotta know what you want you speak that it's like planning to see you believe that that's the grow to the seat flowers going bloom. It's the more you believe the more water is going to be neutral, and you're gonna neutral, but nutrients in that that planning grow, and then when you when you receive that's the bloom, the blast grows, you'll rose pellets of growing for you. The universe is magic teleworking. We tell you the truth from tell you about my life. People can take it for what it is. I mean, I'm going to tell you me speak. It believe it receiving told you to remedies the recipe to it. We see manifesto. Oh, man. See it in person give it to you. What more do you want from me, I speak as in? So you give you zap I with my own life. You guys have witness. Can not be true. No more. That's my piece, right? Receive evidence your thank you so much. And your whole team. So Betty is indeed, obviously, I just wanna know alternately what was the decision and not taking one hundred twenty million dollar offer from design what you know, we we like having control of of what we're doing. You know, I got control of everything, you know, all these other fighters somebody tell them what to do I make the community demands around. You know, I've got a great team. And they there with everything that that's been displayed. You know, if I got a idea, I wanna do they go back and make it even sweeter for me. You know what I'm saying? And that's supposed to work because they have their best interest in to me in in the spotlight that you've got to have people that got the best interesting because it's a it's a dangerous business dirty business snake business. Like, I said before it's you know, you gotta limit limit limited the people you trust. And and and maximize on all the breezes that you can crawl you don't.

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