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<Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Speech_Telephony_Male> so if I had to choose <Speech_Male> one takeaway <Speech_Male> from reporting <Silence> this story <Speech_Male> he'd be that <Speech_Male> as consumers. <Speech_Male> We all <Speech_Male> need to be asking <Speech_Male> bigger questions <Silence> more often <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> because this technology <Speech_Male> will be used <Speech_Male> in some pretty damaging <Speech_Male> ways <Silence> and we'll have to deal <Speech_Male> with that <Speech_Male> even Paul <Speech_Male> as optimistic <Speech_Male> as he is <Speech_Male> admits that <Speech_Male> there will be some pain <Speech_Male> points in the short <Speech_Male> term and <Speech_Male> yes we should be aware <Speech_Male> of all the waste <Speech_Male> that <SpeakerChange> can be <Silence> used <Speech_Male> but for <Speech_Male> him. The question <Speech_Male> is <Speech_Male> should the fear <Speech_Male> of that. Negative <Speech_Male> potential <Speech_Male> outweigh <SpeakerChange> the hope <Speech_Male> of something. Better <Speech_Male> so yeah. It's <Speech_Male> the unknown of <Speech_Male> how it could <Speech_Male> be used. But <Speech_Male> you can let your mind <Speech_Male> wander. Just choose not <Speech_Male> to a lot of times because otherwise <Speech_Male> shift trouble. Sleeping <Speech_Male> the <Speech_Male> example. I always give to make people <Speech_Male> feel better because <Speech_Male> I usually. It's not it's <Speech_Male> not a good way to end. It <Speech_Male> is the Internet <Speech_Male> and in <Speech_Male> like Nineteen ninety-five <Speech_Male> again. The Internet was <Speech_Male> twenty three years <Speech_Male> old at that point but <Speech_Male> when it became <Speech_Male> widely <Speech_Male> used in the public <Speech_Male> with Internet explorer <Speech_Male> and Netscape <Speech_Male> and AOL. <Speech_Male> You could <Speech_Male> have looked out to the <Speech_Male> future and said man. <Speech_Male> This could go so wrong. <Speech_Male> And you <Speech_Male> know you could think about eventually <Speech_Male> social media <Speech_Male> and bullying and <Speech_Male> you know what it would <Speech_Male> do to people's <Speech_Male> psyche and <Speech_Male> the creation <Speech_Male> of the dark web <Speech_Male> or elicit <Speech_Male> things happen all the time <Speech_Male> and would you <Speech_Male> in nineteen ninety <Speech_Male> three ninety four ninety five. <Speech_Male> Would you stop <Speech_Male> the Internet? Would you say <Speech_Male> let's just not <Speech_Male> do it? It's it <Speech_Male> could go too many bad <Speech_Male> ways <Speech_Male> but then you look at all the <Speech_Male> amazing things <Speech_Male> it's done and how it's <Speech_Male> connected the world and <Speech_Male> Janesville communicate <Speech_Male> and brought people together <Speech_Male> and so <Speech_Male> you think where <Speech_Male> some place you <Speech_Male> can sit here all day and <Speech_Male> theorize <Speech_Male> about this dopey and <Speech_Male> things and they <Speech_Male> may come true <Speech_Male> but I could give <Speech_Male> you ten <Speech_Music_Male> times as many amazing <Speech_Music_Male> things that it could do <Speech_Music_Male> and <Speech_Male> the end of the day. We <Speech_Male> don't really have <Speech_Male> a choice. It's GONNA move <Speech_Male> forward one way or the other. <Speech_Male> My feeling <Speech_Male> is we'll <Speech_Male> try and do our small <Speech_Male> part to make sure it <Speech_Music_Male> moves forward <SpeakerChange> in a

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