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I just think the punch bring the night, but you want your co Cup on splashed water intermingle. Our Joan meanwhile, Steven Fifty-seven today. You doing anything special breathing breathing celebration? Victory. And I'm failed. Cutler of cold ones is way of celebration. He's out say that sound like a strange company policy. Would have been nice to celebrate the cool ones sitting next to be thought opens a dole, which I think we need to know. Need any goes you? Okay. First question that have been printed out. So I'm gonna have to read them. Pence fit. Steve Nicol have a heart attack on that say from Allison also happy birthday. Thank you for this thing. But I almost I smelled to end you that we're going to get a chance from from the from twenty minutes to go in and then they would just throw balls forward. You felt that we get eight opportunity and whether or not, but then I'll comes up with a big save us. We get Pacific before you punch. The sofa was sitting on the referee was getting getting me now. Referees, regardless of whether whether the teams the team needs to go free stout. Giving them free kicks nothing. And this guy was doing the same things. Yeah. I know even gum agrees Euboea thing. He agrees. Not agrees. It's an interesting theory. You know, what we're going to get some of the UN Olympic skies crags meets to go in and test that out because this is something that you can actually measure. Okay. And is it just our impression is it survey tional bias or does this actually happen. Prey how did work with over five years? Pay you feel bearing counter this week was this morning. The bays now an overdue. Oh, why did you do? No one was that in the Godley known on the trail. I'm the loop. That and say the price of the small I assumed it was today. Yeah. It was all about the bills sleep through. Some people in a row. Well, I can understand why they think is. Why? Lock ins on visit six well. We'll rule the fence. That was a trail. Coach enough to deal with the players. But why did you today? Take me don't go walk. Location. But that's. No. Is the victim. Very much. Biz. Warranty. One of them was a Cup, which is never a good thing. Because the very protective very protective of the combs. And that's when they can get grits. I always keep my desk. Either on the dog. Kept quiet. Thankfully. Next question. Let's special meal tonight from spike both have no idea. Hold on your both the and that's bullet day of alone. Not to know what you haven't. But then when you get home. I don't know special. Oh, golly. Ellen Shipman mentioned with what do you think you'd be? But you don't want food. Tomorrow, how can watch extra time tonight because she she mentioned vote shows Mogo. Not nate. That'd be the worst thing. Stevie spending money. Just just money off saving money. Let's fuck. You go for a curry favorite Cutty rest. Cutty who is pets us centreback Cruella Bali Van Dyke funding. I would save on our late. I do like he's good. He's good tonight. I think it's really really close. Think Van Dyke has a better range of passing. I think cooler bodies, maybe a little more a little more agile both read the game. Really, really? Well, both are really clever. Position is navy. Full name a few years ago sale to pay two million four Hinton. Unbelievable. What she's improved? From from the sublime, quite shave. Stevie lover slices player into this. I touch bleed. But he did a member we did laugh. Yes. We did. Yeah. This lips..

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