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Nearly two days later they called and said you know we really love man knee and we'd love to see if we could get some you know recommendations for her and just talked to a couple of people that have worked for her and so i was like okay this might be in a moment right gotta pull up big guns 'cause i really i called david russell and nigel epco ends gilman cou so who had worked with who is a great director in works on modern family um and i've worked with her and the television academy says like look guys that would really love this job if you could give me a glowing review that would be in a agreeing and i guess they did because somehow i booked la la land that happens amazing before we get into low end because it's it i know there's nothing to say oh my god i didn't know before this interview did silverline playbook so we still manage the dnc did stars and then as you're doing movies once the first one that you did yes so okay this is a good start to because it's always a weird how it all works out so i get a call from david russel's office that says you know basically he wants to get on a call me great coal i had no idea who he was so this a good fun little part of this situation i had seen the fighter and i loved the fighter but i didn't put tuned to together because i'm also very bad with names and hollywood crude oil like i don't really lighter remember though get on the call them he's like very crazy an amazing and all over the place i cut it didn't really know what i was getting myself into but basically i finish the so you think he can dance to her because i was working on that end.

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