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Promised. He's one of the top linebackers available in this year's draft. And I like I told chase win of when he was here in studio last week right last week that man I love watching him play sideline sideline a thumper and a leader a captain of the university of Michigan team. He is Devon Bush. How are you? Devon. Good. How you doing? Where where are you calling in from what we're are? You are you in Michigan right now for the pro day. And I'll be right now. I'm up sages, you know, taking just kicking it getting ready for the pro day on Friday. How does how do you prepare for a pro day? Devon, walk me through what you've done. Yeah. You just kinda just stanchly thing standing shape, and you know, you've got off a vigorous training for the combine. And you know, depend on when you're pro day is luckily, my was so fast. So, you know, you just get ready to go out there and do some Jews doing anything that you feel like you needed improve on and work at those things the time you get into. Okay. So is this going to be like your last couple of days on campus before you go? Elsewhere and get ready or you sticking around. I'm sticking around. I'm just going to base myself out of out of anger in you know, just have last minute college ban. You know, guys stuff and just let because to enough, you know, I'll be somewhere else tummy favorite Harbaugh story. Devon, gimme your favorite miss Jim Harbaugh that you got. Time before game the night before he was preaching toughness mental toughness, and you know, he brought story about how the heat and had me money and his friend parents came and picked him up and his for non a car. And you know, they drive off, you know, parents give suggesting let's go for is scream. No push like by like ice cream at a look ice cream, but I'd have any money. So they pulled up to the dies cream place. No, everybody is getting ice cream ordered ice cream. And you know, Jim, do you want is being Bhagat? You have money's like, you know, right? There be tough. You know, I went through so bad. And I didn't have any money had to resist it, you know. So he said he told no, I'm good. I won the ice cream. You know? I assume for wince I mean for the little kids, and I'm good suffering. To beat the odds and stay strong and not take the ice cream. So you know, he said he was sitting there watching them use ours screaming he's staring at is cream trip in down the cone. And you know, he's probably because he didn't give in to get an ice cream. And the point of that is what your ice Devon. Oh, no. It was I guess it was the toughest thing and he is preaching mentally tough. You're that day, and you know, you wanna related mess. Okay. Devin Bush, Michigan prospect at consensus all American twenty eighteen here on the rich Eisen show, where does that ice cream speech relate to the speech? You heard in two thousand sixteen prior to the central Florida game..

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