Arlington, Stillaguamish River Bridge, Sanders discussed on News, Traffic and Weather


Construction until five o'clock tomorrow morning and in Arlington so what's your question northbound five at the north end of the Stillaguamish river bridge blocking the left lane an ex couple traffic at eight twenty four the como forecast from the eco roof weather desk calmer weather art Sanders good evening becoming cloudy tonight slight chance of rain after midnight lows mid thirties tomorrow rain at times mid forties the highs Saturday breezy cloudy with a chance of snow in the morning highs the mid forties breezy on Sunday and sunny highs topping out mid forties and Monday through Thursday next week sunny with highs in the fifties overnight lows in the thirties next week up to around forty that's your latest weather from the Cold War forecast team save big during court furniture outlets whether clearance prices are always super low because they leased or high quality furniture for use in model homes corporate offices would return the dollar or with free local delivery and court will pay your sales tax queen mattresses from ninety nine dollars cards from nineteen head office furniture at just ninety nine dollars per piece plus great deals on motion furniture bedroom and dining sets furniture outlet located near south center mall go to C. O. R. G. Seattle dot com have you been lied to lied to by Washington politicians in the Wall Street propaganda machine hi I mean magazine best selling author Brett kitchen and if you're over fifty five with an IRA or four oh one K. I want to give you a free copy of my new book wealthy on Wall Street because according to time magazine Wall Street for one case have failed millions of Americans after losing thirty five percent and my are in the crash.

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