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Skew thirteen fifty eight fifty five and seven six nineteen staples the traffic on the parkway it is really bad but the travel time of the parkway for the Raritan tolls down to L. B. I. takes a hundred and ten minutes to go those sixty two miles that's an extra forty eight minutes travel time in that stretch that stores to spend all day parkway and this amp and Saturdays at ninety eight it's a crash another one down legs at eighty three thirty five and metal looking or crash over by Herbert street and the trouble he's been pretty rough on the southbound side coming down towards just south of the gospels bridge funny a slow dance along to the seven for Piscataway right down towards Edison Tom rivers New Jersey traffic north Christina stuff New Jersey traffic south on two ninety five it's the northbound side of the road moving into the area of route six eighty four that's exit fourteen the vehicle fire that's being worked on off on the shoulder so expect to see a lot of rubber necking going on here also north bound by route one sixty eight whichever crash that takes up the left lane were jams back to route forty two as results of that forty two north by two ninety five slow so does the southbound side alti Blackwood Clementon road and again out through the area of forty one little bit slow moving two ninety five southbound moving into thirty and forty two that's jams up just enough why I about that seventy three south bound by route seventy that offer is currently blocked by police activity and the Atlantic city expressway west moving into the area of exit twenty looks like we have the road we're going on there the left lane that's slow and everyone down for short traffic every fifteen minutes next report that for thirty three from the all American auto group traffic deaths out today it'll American auto group dot com I'm Christina stop though one New Jersey when a one point five New Jersey traffic made.

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