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Maybe she is being kim wexler and just over preparing and maybe she's making hay while the sun shines and feel like listen i don't know if i'm going to have to take care this guy later so i better go make the money i'm gonna i'm gonna make but i don't know why she didn't feel that way before anything jimmy coming in handing her money is a point against that argument so there has to be something else on okay let's touch on that other jimmy senior we talked about it at the top of the show about jimmy at the community service and what he needs to do to be able to make that seven hundred dollars from the guy who's trying to get out from the parole officer that's not the right title what are what is he i dunno some kind of corrections yanni's stack correct she's a c a like a corrections officer yet someone sharing for and jimmy has it out for this guy after the events from a couple episodes ago right jimmy no no love lost with this guy in this guy does seem to be a real jerk but he's just doing his job like his job is to not let people who are guilty of violating laws in some way shape or form or at least alleged to be out here and just do whatever they want talk and their phones not work leave whenever they want doesn't work that way like he says and i think an accurate way to look at this is the of your community service time is like jail time this you in lieu of jail doing your jail sentence so you have to behave the way you would under the care of corrections officer in jail i'ma corrections officer outside of this so pick up the litter and dolts screw me over and even those a jerk about it he's just doing his job but that's.

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