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It's supposed to change a lot of people know they can't they can't accept that but music is not a dangerous pose status saying that's why i mean people can make the same song about the same topic okay be expressed so many different ways so like what. Got a really bad review. Who and like by. I would say my age generation. You know the the later thirties. Like oh my god but Wa band review of well. We're we listened to adina howard freak like me a back once my pussy mccray like about the same shoes to say dear. When i was growing up. I had the little kim poster where she was crouching tiger that on my wall. What's the house different different. L. elevated sound is more catchy change with the date just catchier and that's about it. It's just a different generation is still the same shames music. Somebody sent me a song in one immediate. Listen to we see wasn't new it to me. Nothing sitting in the house borne house. Boy cortines describes we still still covy. That is celtics allowed to be coded into nothing sitting in the house watching. Grandbabies granted is hannah late. Then make us. I'll be busy alamos every single day like every day shuna videos now money. yeah Camera gaza also videos any shoe. Anthony terminal no. I think they both might be gone. But who but they making moves somebody. I know people here who shoo video..

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