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Orleans I gave you New England gave you, Casey twice gave you Denver. And gave you Cleveland. So those air games that I think they could. I mean, I took Buffalo. That's a game that could go either way and indie again. Can they sweep the charges? I think they can. I think they're good enough to sweep the Chargers always tough to to sweep the team inside your division. But I gave Casey the sweep. And like I said, Super Bowl hangover, Yeah, but moans is a different animal. But I do think That the Raiders air hungry and I think the chemistry there by the time they played Casey the second time which will be here on November, 22nd. I do think the Raiders will probably have what it takes to beat this Kansas City team. So that's where on that, shorty. Go ahead, man. Tell me eight. Nate, Where do you have the eight losses? Here's where I have the eight losses. Okay, I've got Ah! Really quickly. I definitely think they were in the home opener against New Orleans. But as far as the losses, I think the first loss they have on the season they start out to know I'm going to chalk up a loss to New England in Foxboro. Okay, and then I am going, Teo. Give them a win against Buffalo. So the only loss I have so far week three at New England, Okay? I've got them getting swept by the chief. So that's two losses right there that century losses for the Raiders. I haven't splitting with the Broncos, so that's four losses, right? They're okay. They're actually have them losing to the coal. So that's five losses there. And here's why you made a great point. I think the Colts are much improved team. They are perennial power because I believe New England's dynasty is coming to an end. But the thing with that is reason why I say that Katie is Philip Rivers still know these Raiders inside and out. He plays him twice a year for the last God knows how many years you know, I don't even know how old he is giving them a loss. Okay. And then after that, I've got the loss to Tampa Bay and then Cleveland. I haven't winning that. And I believe the last two losses I have are going to be against the Chargers have been splitting against the Chargers, and then I have them losing to the Broncos in Denver. So those are my losses for the Raiders. Okay, because because here's the thing. I'm just wondering why people think this Coltsoffense is going to be that great. I know Rivers, is there. Look, Moreland Mac decent running back If Jonathan Taylor, who's There there, pick out of Wisconsin. I like him. The jersey kid If he comes on, I think that Yeah, there'll be a little bit more dangerous. I like the pick up of Michael Pittman. Junior. I thought the kid was outstanding. Got to watch him play and and loved in a college. T Y. Hilton is a gamer has got to stay healthy. So had his problems over the last several years, Staying healthy Paris Campbell, he started to pick the game up, so the offensive line is pretty good. Ryan Kelly, now the highest paid center in the game, Anthony Castonzo. He's done it for a long time. Quentin Nelson. I mean, you're talking about Ah, granted offensive line so I can see that offensive line protecting rivers. But I also see the Raiders offensive line, you know, with Hudson and incognito and guys pretty. You know the look and gave gave Jackson Khun Step These guys, we're going to take care of business. Trump Brown is a game are already and I like this team. I just think there's a lot more to the Raiders toe like and when you look at what they've done transaction wise over the last several days when you cut a guy like to Marius Randall, who's got a ton of experience and is versatile enough to play corner and safety, but he was hurt. He was banged up. He only really got one good, solid practice in there. You can't do that with coach Gruden. If he's got a roster of depth, he does not like that. It's not that it's not that he doesn't want to give you a chance. Same thing with Gary and calmly a couple years ago. Look, how can I gauge how good you are? If you're hurt every two days? I can't do that. And so, yeah, it's thoughts. And in this time of The cove it and all this stuff and the virtual meetings and and practices and whatnot. You don't have a lot of time. So to cut guys like a Muka, Maura, principal Tomorrow and Randall that shows me the confidence of Nayak and Gruden with the young kids, And when I look at guys like tray von Mullen, who got a year's experience, Lester and Jonathan Abrams again were betting on Abram. As Faras. On the come. We're thinking that okay, this guy, you know, Okay. Lucky seven. Lucky seven. Lucky boom. No, but he showed that he's got that moxie. He's got that intangible we saw during hard knocks and for the limited time we got to see him. Plus, if you watched him like I did it at Mississippi State, there's no doubt this kid knows the game and he's a hard hitter now. Like you said, you read. Hey, I gotta tone it down a little bit. Can't play every play like it's the last play because in the NFL, if you do that, you're not going to be around for the whole season. You've gotta kind of pace yourself. And I think Abrams good enough. But when you look at the other guys they picked up you grabbed Jeff Heath, who could step into a starting role now as strong safety Eric Harris had a great year last year. Looking forward to him. You've got Isaiah Johnson and Marjorie Harper. Look, I don't know a ton about these guys. But I do know that there's other guys still around from last year, like LaMarcus Joyner, who You know, with an IQ Robertson coming in from Louisiana Tech. I think that's solid right there and then the linebacking corps and you mentioned little tennis. Quiet. Toschi, Nicholas Morrow stepped up Nice last year. They also grab Raekwon McMillan into trade from the Dolphins last week. I think this guy's got potential Tanner muse. They're high on him the youngster out of Clemson, Damon or net. Yes, we question Who the hell's Damon Arnett? Sure. I knew who he was because I watch Ohio State and you know, but everybody knew Cuda was the main guy was to shutdown corner there. But this guy has turned heads in practice that they're thinking this kid may be able to step in and start sure they're going to make mistakes, but I think the depth that they have You couple that with the defensive line with Cleveland Pharaoh getting help now from Carl, Nassib and NASA is going to push him and they're both going to play. I talked about the leak. Collins coming over from Dallas, Marinelli solid coach guys saying, Hey, we're Marinelli is that we want to go. Max Crosby, give me anything like you had last year play with the same motorcade looking forward to that Mo Hurst. Love his heart. Ah, heart. They thought that was damaged. Sent him home from the combine Two years ago. Jonathan Hankins Still there. Death wise, Ardent Ki. What do you got? Ellis? You kid. You got to show it this year. If you want to play for this team, you got to show it. This is your three. You got to come through with flying colors. Oh, and I almost forgot about Colton Miller. The left tackle out of the way when we all said what we do and grabbing this 69 kid or whatever. At a youth is kids play left tackle. He stepped in. He's done an outstanding job. So now guys like Zeta Jones, Nelson Agler thes guys have NFL experience they need now with William's going down to step up. Guys like rugs and third Brian Edwards out of South Carolina. They're going to get their shot. Hunter Renfroe has already proved to me that this guy's durable, He's got solid speed. He's a possession receiver like the old Steve Largent, but he's got better Steve speed than large and there's a couple other guys. Enrico Gafford, killing Dawes That could make places well, Marshall eight men, the Oklahoma State kids still on the squad, not fast, but uses his body really well. I loved it. I loved the depth on this team, and I like our kicking game If you give me Carlsen not last year, second half the year first part of the year last year and the year before, Give me that. Daniel Carlson. I'm good there, and I love a J called the third Cause this kid can flat out punt the ball. I love our roster, Shawn. I do, too, and then you know, just touched on special teams. I'm not word in that regard. I'm gonna focus a little bit more on the defense, but I'll touch on both sides of all here real quick. I'm more excited than I am skeptical with the defense of side of the ball because you said it, Katie, you know you got the death. You got Eric Harris? Jonathan Abram in the secondary. You know, you've got to get the nickel backs. Their joint is gonna be a big roll..

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