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I'd have been fifteen point six minutes. And that's my favorite today. Wadis is eleventh ranked by m L E that's major league eating despite a somewhat discerning palate. I haven't eaten are like wasters, and crawfish and those southern delicacy Thursday October fourth is national taco day and an honor of that one will be among those challenging down at the world taco eating championship at Pacific park on California's Santa Monica Pierre each taco. To be one tortilla to four onto the me. One little serving of PICO maybe some alia. And then it'd be it cadets will have eight minutes to eat all the tacos, they can rural records gotta get through one taco in about five seconds. These will be street style. Carlita tacos. I know my goal is between ninety and one hundred. So I got to do that. And I know capable of drink all you want or all bring on beverages up the table, you know, bottles cups, whatever what can we can drink editor discussion all for five thousand dollars in cash prizes want assurance us. This is a serious sport. It's just really come down to the each person's will to win you know, that Dr I will not barf. Besides ladies were present. Competing or name Sarah Reinecke, she'll be probably right next to me pushing me pushing Brad salutes her can push the winner, home or rolled them home. And when it's over we're going to be hurting probably Thursday night. Then we'll be directed. And enjoy the weekend. Maybe with a nice taco salad. Be offbeat. I'm Jim Bohannon. Yeah. Actress Susan Sarandon is seventy today.

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