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Federal dot org insured by MCU a good morning at 6 28 Let's get back to rob stallworth on the traffic center New problem in Virginia northbound I 95 as you pass the fair effects county Parkway headed toward the split for the beltway and this .3 95 crash with the left side blocked response is there Stay two lanes to the right in order to get by at the split north on I 95 near the Springfield interchange No problems when I three 95 as you head up to and across the 14th street bridge of traveling to open there and manassas was two 34 dumpers or north down there mini ville road That's where we had the right lane block for broken down truck traveling the beltway looking pretty good in both Virginia as well as in Maryland If you're traveling in Maryland eastbound route 50 on the bay bridge the left lane gets by the work zone the overnight paving operations were extended for more time for now traveling three O one north dawn at the three 81 brandywine road the right lane block for the oversized vehicle other than that if you're in the district southbound I two 95 at Martin Luther King Jr. avenue we had some lanes blocked for crash scene there Northbound on D.C. two 95 as you pass Pennsylvania avenue that crash completely wrapped up and gone to traveling at this point in northwest second street between farragut street and galantin street we had the road closed in effect for the utility work zone taking you back to Virginia north Dan I 95 as you head toward the Springfield interchange still with the crash blocking the left lane They're picking up the cones pretty soon and soon you'll have all lanes open but for now stay tuned to the right in order to get by the response on scene This holiday season give everyone on your list Marilyn lottery holiday scratch offs with instant prizes up to $100,000 in a weekly second chance cash drawn Please play responsibly I'm rob stallworth Traffic Got another mile day in store for us Here's Mike's dinner Overnight it's going to be a little cooler today but still above average on a partly to mostly sunny skies highs 55 to 60 it is going to be a bit breezy at times Tonight products have disguise and chili loves being the 30 suburbs.

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