Barack Obama, Israeli Government, Obama Administration discussed on Mark Levin



The story says it's based on accounts with dozens of current and former American Israeli European officials. many top American Israeli officials cited on the record. the peace documents the fracture relationship between is from the Obama administration on a host of issues. specially disagreements with the emerging nuclear talks with Iran. the Israeli government was initially kept in the dark about the early talks that eventually became the joint comprehensive plan of action J. C. P. O. a. the deal that president trump later withdraw from. the times reported that Obama saw the deal as the centerpiece of his foreign policy legacy he work. but for prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu the newspaper reported that the deal what according to the times characterization the ultimate betrayal Israel's closest ally negotiating behind its back with its most bitter enemy. I think about that. the times reported that Obama took the possibility of a sudden Israeli strikes seriously American spy satellites watched Israeli drumstick take excuse me. take off from bases in Abidjan and fly south over the Iranian border taking extensive pictures of Iran's nuclear sites and probing whether Iranian air defenses spotted the intrusion. Obama was on the wrong side he's on the Iranian side I told you before it was worse than that'll change he shot with a hundred fifty billion dollars the a slam on **** regime in Tehran. American military leaders make guesses about whether the Israelis might choose a time of the month when the light was higher or lower at time of the year when sand storms occur more less regularly. military planners ran war games to forecast how Tehran might respond to an Israeli strike in how America should respond in return. what a Rammasun that any attack had been blessed by the US and hit American military forces in the Middle East the results were dismal. the Israeli strikes down only minor setbacks terrain slickly program in the United States was enmeshed in yet another war in the Middle East see that's how. The New York Times magazine writes. now this is not the Obama administration's only a lead surveillance actions concerning the nuclear deal another actually partly spied on American citizens. in twenty fifteen the Wall Street journal cited current and former US officials. at the time divulging that US surveillance programmes capture communications between members of Congress. and Israeli leaders empanada this bothered Jerry Nadler Nadler. this bothered Elijah Cummings. none of this battered any of those creeps. instead they're busy chasing porn stars and hotels..

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