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Welcome back here on a Friday afternoon and you guys ready for this guy? Ready? Handsome Joe from red day. Yeah. I'm actually having a pretty good day. Went to Walmart got mold, James. Went and got me some drinks and kicking and grays and piggy wiggly. And finally made it on. But that's the stuff that you might not know, Paul. But when I have these late days, I record your show and I watch every minute of it in 18. You do. So I do. I do. Watch every minute of it. And you know what? It's been good because you've had a lot of colors Colin in with some good things about this and I don't think and which I think it's long past due for these college athletes to make put some money in their pockets. I mean it is. I just caused their scholarship athletes. Hey, there's people that go to college academic and they can still get a job and make money. I mean, it's just, but if you play football or basketball, you can't make no money, that don't even make sense, though. I mean, what they're doing, college, you can't afford to go get a piece of pizza. And my head just, you know, that just mount painting on that ball. But you know what? I watched the video. I don't know if you seen it, but I may have put out where he's gambling on the guitar. I have not seen the video yet. Tell us more about it. I mean, it's like almost a minute long. And he's just, you know, I know he played drone, but I didn't know he played a guitar. He usually, if you're in a band, you could probably, I mean, I would think I would think percussion would be more difficult than the guitar. Oh, idiot. It is, 'cause, you know, I'll pick a Madeleine sometime. Well, I did tell I broke it. But and the piano, you know, I think I was a little bit. Can you play any of Beethoven's sonatas on a piano? It's difficult, Paul. I'll be honest. I've been teaching myself. And when you teach yourself, it's kind of hard. Joe, I have to ask you a question, because, you know, Mark QB act, don't you Yankee that runs this show? Oh, yeah, yeah. Mark scoop. Well, he's from Rochester, New York, and he asked me, he said, did he say, guitar? Of course, anybody in the south knows it's a guitar. Yeah, it's guitar. Randy plays Lee, and I play steel guitar. Guitar. That's a country over in the Mideast, isn't it? Yeah, that's what I play in in. Yeah, life plays a guitar. In India, we'll play the guitar here. Yeah. I mean, there's a big difference. The guitar. You think anybody you think back in the day, somebody walked up to back in the early 70s, somebody walked up to Ronnie Van Zandt, saying, who is your guitar player, mister van Sant? Never been to Indy. Yeah. You know, I want to get into what you've got on the guitar. That comes with a guitar guitar. So Joe, what's on tap of the weekend now that it has arrived, hey, I got big plan just like you. Shoot. Well, first thing I'm gonna do in the morning, as soon as I get up, I'm going fishing. Fishing. And a friend of mine reminded me that Benson that we got coffee in this area too. Crappy. Oh, yeah, I remember crappy. Is that how I learned to speak? My dad used to take me. I've had a crappy week. And you know, but I'm fishing for catfish tomorrow. You got to play him, Paul. Final question here, because when you're fishing, when you're fishing for croppy, what do you put? How do you bait it? I just get out there. With my guitar and put those minutes on the hook. But the main element. And I'm having myself a weekend. Thanks for the call. Appreciate it. Kevin is in North Carolina. Hello, Kevin. Kevin. I'm telling you, I missed your calling. You should have been a comic in the catskills in the summertime. This has got to be the funniest damn show I've heard in a while. I'm still laughing from the, by the way, I may be I'm opening for Buddy Hackett at gross singers on Friday night. Well, catskills. Yeah, at least you know where they were, brother. I know the drill. I had parents from New York, but so anyway, I'm still just going to finish laughing on the boy scout thing. What did you call that? What kind of meadow would I get? I don't know what I said. Wasn't that I was in the cubs guys? What is a Pueblo? I'm sorry. I knew I got that. I mean, we're going back a few years. I mean, I knew I had that web a little badge. Well, okay. That wasn't in there. I don't know where I was in. I was a street kid, I guess, but anyway. By the way, I didn't stay long. I got your meat. Yeah, they couldn't get me into that uni. But anyway, just to clarify for that, Texas a and M gentlemen, you know, you had Jackie sherrill on here four or 5 months ago. And I think he explained it to us when you talk about, do you say in that Texas that all money that they found out there a 120, 30 years ago in West Texas. Right. That money is tax taxed in the state. You're right. And two thirds of that money goes to the University of Texas. One third goes to Texas a and M, obviously no private school in Texas gets a dime, nor do Texas tech or Houston or any of the other public schools, Texas, El Paso, they don't get a dime. So that's the money, okay? That you were talking about that he never fessed up to. Played dumb like a fox on you. But anyway, I think everybody out there knows that. But curious a way outside the box thing here. You know, this transfer Porter and the NIL, my man, nobody that you interviewed can really give nobody knows what they're talking about because it's so new and it's so crazy and it can go in so many different directions, obviously. But just a way outside the box trying to reverse engineer this. What if the Ivy League decides to go big time college football? I remember the eye relief. They won most of the national championships between 1891 college football started in the 1930. Michigan won one. By the way, I think I know where you're going. I don't think they will for this reason because I don't think the alumni of those schools care. We heard John bacon a couple of hours ago. Say that Michigan alum are not certain they want to give money to collectibles, supporting athletics. You have to understand it's a different mindset at certain places. The Ivy League being among them..

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