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The well and with the nato i radically rate i left the task him completed and then remember this is a garnic affect about the benefits of leaving the task incomplete okay this is this is really annoying uh but i think that that that is one of the things that really happens when you slow down his side you keep it active in your working memory and can be really good for the tasks that you haven't quite solved yet adam says this is why truly original ideas are quick to start but slow to finish they take time and the people behind those ideas often had a lot of doubts and often a backup plan in case the original idea doesn't work out and this is what i miss with worry parker they had backup plans lined up and that made needs out that they had the courage to be original now on the surface a lot of original people look coffin it but behind the scenes they feel the same fear in doubt that the rest of us do they just managed it differently now in my research i discovered there to different kinds of doubt their selfdoubt an idea that selfdoubt is paralysing it leads you to freeze but idea doubt his energizing it motivates you to test to experiment refine just like mlk did instead of thing i'm crap you say the first few drafts are always crap and i'm just not there yet so how do you get there what about being the kind of person who takes the initiative to doubt the default and look for a better option and if you do that well you are open yourself up to the opposite of dejavu there is a name for it it's called volusia day volusia days when you look at something you've seen many times before and all of a sudden with fresh eyes it's a screenwriter who looks at a movie script they can't get the green light for more than half a century in every past aversion the main character has been an evil queen but jennifer lea you start to question whether that makes sense she rewrites the first act reinvents the villain as a tortured hero and frozen becomes the most successful animated movie ever so there's a simple message from the story when you feel doubt don't let it go.

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