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Looking at Twitter and the news, it's just unreal. We say the suspected gunman killed himself the motive is unclear, Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. Another place that is supposed to be about community and togetherness shattered by bullets and bloodshed. Rosa van Biden called her Monday night to commiserate and promise investigative help. Tom CBS News Washington. The mass shooting in Michigan happened nearly 5 years to the day after the attack at marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida, 17 people died there, including Tony mattos, daughter Gina. Myself and the other families here in Parkland who lost on London that tragedy feel for the victims families in Michigan. Sadly, this happens all too often and we know the pain that the families are dealing with. There are still a lot of questions and huge concerns about a toxic train derailment in Ohio. Director of the Ohio Department of Health, doctor Bruce Vander Hoff is telling everyone who lives near the east Palestinian trader element, especially if they have well water at their homes to not drink it. We are recommending that people in the community consider using bottled water. As for water and nearby streams and lakes, state natural resources, director Mary mertz. What we have discovered, we have estimated based on our sampling and modeling about 3500 dead fish. Mac piper, CBS News. In Washington lawmakers are reviewing the latest on unidentified objects shot down by the U.S. Military, CBS Nicole d'antonio. Senators received a closed door Pentagon briefing Tuesday about the recent shootdowns of unidentified flying objects, and their calls on both sides of the aisle for greater transparency. While President Biden has remained largely silent on the matter, he has ordered his national security adviser to assemble a team from various agencies to handle future encounters with unidentified objects. The White House did say these latest objects may be benign. Former vice president Mike Pence plays to claim legislative privilege to fight a grand jury subpoena for testimony on efforts to overturn the 2020 election, legal analyst Lori Levinson. The

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