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Early Twenty four hours a day at Bloomberg Dot Com on the Bloomberg business, APP and Bloomberg quick tape. This is Bloomberg radio. This is Bloomberg. Daybreak Europe for this Thursday, July, the twenty third in love coming up this hour. Staging hits back. China state TV cuts off the English premier league amid a spat with UK this reports that Xi Jinping may move to close the US consulate in Chengdu Boris Johnson heads for Scotland to try to strengthen the union. While MP say, the government has no plan for the pandemics economic impact, global virus cases go over fifteen million as the WHO warns at the long term, health impact and a UK us. Trade deal is said to be. Be Unlikely before. Brexit is completed I'm Sandra Kilhof with world news and Unilever second-quarter underlying sales beat estimates as the food giant says it will hold onto its t business in India and Indonesia will bring you our interview with CEO, Alan, that's all straight ahead on Bloomberg. Daybreak Europe on a digital radio. London Bloomberg eleven three. Oh New York Bloomberg Ninety nine point one Washington DC Bloomberg, one zero, six, one Boston Bloomberg Nine Sixty San Francisco. Sirus Xm Channel One nineteen at around the world on Bloombergradio DOT COM and via the Bloomberg business APP. A very good morning from London I'm Roger Hearing and I'm neighbor chayhitch. Good morning, everyone. It's coming up to eight. Hundred am in London nine one. If you're listening in Paris, Frankfurt or Brussels and geopolitical tensions at the forefront of the new cycle today Roger and At the center of it all, yes, not just only towards the US, but also to the UK in terms of..

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