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I've spoken to a couple of owners over the last week or two and they've goal wore working diligent leads a facilitate garlic cap at a kid a good job in the nfl chances are slim to none based on what will and darren has cosigned that it won't happen because history tells us that if you do so they've you go this route they're going to send the message that okay we we why even we might even have to come out of pocket and pay off but trust you me we're gonna said every every message imaginable to dissuade others from following in your footsteps so in that regard darren were right but there were owners that we're trying to brazil it takes him getting enough a job that was then and this is going to be very interesting and yet knacks if that's what the owners decide to do collectively that is collusion if they individually make that determination for themselves not have negative together be like don't let this guy down we have to send a message to all the other players that's collusion you don't make that call right now extends and olive branson it's purely because of objects as for colin kaepernick he needs a third party because he needs to protect himself because of this collusion case we shall see what happens darren we will see you a little later an nfl live williams sticking around guys appreciate you spell as we hear the eagles and patriots remained top spots the rand's came for the seven spot after them dominating win over those new york football giants they're so good while dallas slip to number despite beating chiefs well i will stand with you because you're already fired up of that biggest problem i shouldn't yeah i should like.

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