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One thank Tommy John Dot com slash Adam for supporting the show lifelock Dot Com Promo Code Adam TRUECAR DOT COM and Pluto TV. Aj Benza. What's happened? I like a lot of drug talk. Talk Walk from yesterday Fame Bitch a frame is a bit Dr. It's Monday Wednesday Friday podcast one And I'll say say this about. Aj can also sign up patron podcasts everyday. Aj breaks down a lot of scandals tragedies of Hollywood and AJ says there's a lot of things that sound outrageous but no one ever no one ever walk some back like well like what. I've said a lot of things that over the years. I've never been sued sued. Well remember Jose can SACO royds without Rodriguez and I did Roy through that guy. Roy's that guy anyone. Oh plays precip Chris. Marching the good name of this guy is a lunatic. no-one sued him. No He's right. Did anyone know source commonly you get sued. If you know if you're in then you sue him but nobody's five months ago. I had a story my Patriot on that from a great source that he's five months ago. Nobody wants to play with Lebron James in La Magic Johnson is GonNa get thrown out of the Laker organization because he has sexual abuse delagations. That come out. I'm like flies and the Lakers have to pay women off more Alice. He said Luke Walton will be out as coach and Jason Kidd will replace Jason. I thought everything was right until yesterday. Said Tyler is going to be the coach Lou and just before they broke it. He's he's out he's done. Had A cake that said Lakers on. And now Jason Kidd is the name everything. This guy told me was true. How how crazy? How does an inside source work? You just you is look you have to know who to get close to. It takes a long time to develop a number of people like that but generally any type of story. That's breaking whatever feel that's in. I know the phone call away from getting really close to it. And then it's just a matter of the satellite people. I know around that person yesterday. Today's show I. I'm sure you're friends with them so I don't know it doesn't matter you know what you know but You Know Kim Kardashian. Body at the met gala was so I think from the waist up. She's one of the most beautiful specimens remains in the world from the waist down. It's like a dinosaur like it's just a Pegasus too much. So why look this. So I've been looking at it investigating. I found someone who says eight surgeries in two thousand eighteen eight procedures in two thousand eighteen alone to take the fat out of her stomach and her back and put it in the hips and s and the lower ribs removed. I don't know about that part of it. You would know more about that. That can be done what sent me I mean. I've looked the way she looked essentially looking at pictures of her. I mean she heard multiple sources that there is that put in places and it's obviously the A to a conscious specs. You know whoever would be for him but he's molding us into what he wants exactly her to be true. Yeah I got a cultural question Shit. You said waist up. I'm fine with that because I think all my sexual actual notes from the song one night in Bangkok where he announced Maury head announces announces. That I get my kicks above the waistline shine Gayus eight seconds ever recorded. I don't care if you got to the two two bears going back once behind the other. It's still not a is Maury. Had saying that one line about getting his just kicks above the waistline giants. Yeah it's the casing ever recorded in history. You know that I do your cultural you gotta Google hold. Jerry's GonNa find that Murray Murray had sorry song here. Here's my sexy from a musical. Well now that yes. I'll do. It killed chess. Oh boy and how it Scott Murray the gain up for the both of US Jerry. Jerry Chadwick Francetti were in fact Atlanta House from a musical sunshine sunshine. WHOA so I try to think about this a lot? The the Black Man in the CERTA tractor beam that is the rump on the women and as a guy I'm a boob guy and I like an ass. It's not the bigger pattern mine right. It and then I sort of realized what's stopping me from being an ass man and wouldn't reach the vagina. That's what I'm thinking I'm thinking you've gotTa have something below the waistline sunshine if that's going to be if that's your weapon of choice kind of asked you're going to need a tool to handle that and I'm saying what apple put like. Take a look at guys who work on smart cars and Yugoslavia look in their toolbox. It's one side you look at the guy who's your diesel McCain I got big break and stop running. Strive breaker parts half. Do you see what I'm saying grew. Yeah we've got more ahead the or the video waistline. The gays never forgot about that. Is that from a musical drew Carey. Check me out you better pray. You're wrong now. I've offense thought about and I do come back to that or anything. I also think that different regions of the globe we evolve as humans in different directions. Maybe maybe certain preferences evolve with that. I think that's the reason why a lot of I did a lot of black girls and a lot of them tend to like Sicilians Dark Italians Italians like black girls. Accept the growing up from my generation. You really couldn't talk about it. My father died when I was twenty one and then I was able to experience it. We're looking at the musical gas. Yes and that line is in the musical chess. One night in Bangkok the whole of the music of the whole song from that. Oh I didn't know the whole song was from a musical musical. Yeah musical came before the song. No this was in the musical talking. I lost all respect for Murry head. It's a song from a concept album and subsequent musical chess. Such going back on the Mary Train. Okay so oh yeah. I've seen stories about sort of a cemetry in the buttocks. Sticking out this far that way and coming out that far the other way uh it's sort of a.

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