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Assed present about holiday and express. TIMMY break. TIMMY, thanks for the time. You bet ball. I'm told I was my best show ever. By diarrhea. It was understated. I'll say that we, we ran them out onto the field. Probably the desk touchback I ever called on a kick off. And then the that was, you know, I was. I was in Connecticut staying in hotels. It's that had some of the worst television reception never seen it. I just thought I just thought I wasn't getting FOX because I couldn't find your game. I remember that hotel that about man name. Yeah. I know what you're talking about. You know, you would not to speak out of school. Figure company owned by Disney could could could come up with their own hotel. I'm surprised they didn't buy that. Do they bought those? They bought the white Birch in which is where we got our drinks afterwards. That was just to keep an eye on the. You into Rico. Right? You know, I gotta I gotta stay was the most deflation healing all that I've ever had leaving a boot Spencer I've been together for twenty in the last twenty one years, and I've been in a lot of great advice, but you know pre my career, but this was one of those great moments. And I don't know who's gonna call the game for ABC this week with Colorado, whoever it is. You are really lucky because that that is some place and it's gonna rock. Again, they get basically a do over of the run out, which was so emotional and it was it was as loud and as as impactful as anything I've ever experienced. And I believe Mr. yourselves the same way and then for the game to be taken away when we went off the air, we really thought we'd be back in about, you know, and a half hour to an hour. We knew there was another big Phil, but we didn't think we got, you know. And then when they finally called. It all and we headed down. There were some discrepancies as to whether we were going gonna come back and do the game the next morning or or not. But we have spent five five and a half hours up there and didn't he get the call? What would is in? I think it's the moment in the history of the Brask football and and and maybe a generational moment for the future of college football as far as great head. Those is because I think Scott Broz and I says, it's been the open. I brought in Nick Sabin in the open by suggesting that. And I remember you're having said this, and I was thinking of you when I talked to say when when Sabin was hired, I believe that he would win a national championship within two years or maybe. I remember vividly. I was on with Rick, Carly. On a morning show, and he said, what do you think? And I said, I think saving will win a national championship in four years. That's he looked at me and say, are you? I mean, it wasn't. He didn't say, but like are you out of your mind, Alabama, national championship? And of course I was wrong. He wanted, he won one and three. Yeah, I think I think this guy brought. And I think that because of his age and because of the proximity between himself as a player whom I covered in nineteen ninety seven and also not just that, but the infrastructure, Nebraska, they are now getting their full share of money from the big ten. Their facilities are fantastic. They finally have the combination of aiding and president that they really needed. They had gotten away from who they were for all when he was coaching organism assistant, and I did the fact we'll championship when Mario was his quarterback and he was the offensive coordinator at worked for chip Kelly. Then for health, rich as the OC when he spoke of Nebraska, he was almost angry..

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