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Crossed the two billion dollar Mark at the global box office in record time leaving newcomers in the dust. The Walt Disney company estimates endgame about four hundred twenty eight million dollars just this weekend. Becoming one of only five movies ever to reach the two billion, Mark. I'm Evan Haning. Bryan curtis. In Hong Kong. Let's get you. This hour's top business stories and the markets. Asian stocks are seeing a major sell off today. Details coming up China is considering delaying a trip to Washington by its top trade negotiators. That's after President Trump threatened to impose steeper tariffs on China because talks were moving too slowly in a tweet Trump said that he would increase tariffs on two hundred billion of Chinese imports from ten percent to twenty five percent by this Friday. Bloomberg's Mark Nick can't says it's hard to tell exactly what the president has in mind. The Chinese in a box. And you know, if they do respond to Trump's demands, it could look like they're caving to you know, in this case, a tweet. Meantime, China's central Bank will lower reserve requirement ratios for mid and small sized banks and effective may fifteenth. And also the PBS's says that two hundred eighty billion Yuan of long-term funds will be released into the markets in one other note little-noticed, given the trade news tycoon services index for April was at fifty four point five better than the estimate and stronger than the reading in March. In other news, Occidental Petroleum has moved to step closer to sealing its acquisition of Anadarko petroleum. It's sweetened its offer. And agreed to sell assets owned by the target company Occidental increase the cash portion of its bid to seventy eight percent from fifty percent, and it also pledged to cover the one billion dollar break-up fee that Anadarko would have to pay for abandoning deal with Chevron now to the markets. Thanks. Index is down three point three percent. The CSI three hundred in China is down four point six percent. Also looking at SNP Many's now down about one point nine percent. The Straits Times index in Singapore down more than three percent. Global news twenty four hours a day live and tick talk on Twitter and powered by twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries in on Kong. I'm Bryan Curtis. This is Bloomberg is Bloomberg.

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