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Degrees text forward to three five five one seven that's F. O. R. W. a R. D. two three five five one seven many jerseys first news five forty four is ringing our chief meteorologist Dan zero so then we have a nice start to today yes and then what cooler temperatures are on the way you know this weekend was fantastic was so widespread seventies on Saturday even hit eighty degrees in a few spots yesterday but today is our big transition here we had some heavy rain early this morning that is all gone now so it's gonna be a dry morning with mostly to partly sunny skies temperatures are close to sixty degrees right now and then by mid day by lunch time you'll see sixty five to seventy however as we get into this afternoon we're gonna hit a few meteorological speed bumps here with some hit or miss showers creeping in the wind will become a little bit dusty thirty miles an hour out of the north west and temperatures will start to fall so by tonight by this time tomorrow morning we're gonna see lows in the upper thirties to around forty so you start today not needing a jacket but you'll need one by tonight into tomorrow morning it'll be mainly clear and breezy overnight that tomorrow will be a terrible day with clouds and some sun and highs around sixty degrees just keep in mind our normal high right now is closer to seventy so we'd like to be warmer but there are going to be some bright spots in this forecast Wednesday not a bright spark cloudy showery and cool with highs only in the mid fifties looks like will recover nicely into Thursday lower sixties with clearing skies in a stiff breeze and I have to tell you this next stretch of cold weather I should say this extracts of cooler than normal weather is going to last through the week next week for the next ten days next big warm up doesn't come until about the mid point of May New Jersey won a one point five is time is now five forty five the state these new Jersey's first news America begin on Sunday morning thank you to announce later today whether schools will remain closed NFL is planning to start the season on time September tenth ESPN reports the release the schedule next week you're out the door forecast in New Jersey fast traffic is next to the radio you bring some sanity the world New Jersey won a one point road to the White House the presumptive democratic presidential nominee denying allegations of a nineteen ninety three sexual assault gets more support A. B. C.'s Rachel Scott Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer adds a survivor and as a feminist winning a growing number of democratic women choosing to stand by Joe Biden we need to give people an opportunity to tell their story then we have a duty to Babbitt I have read a lot about this current allocation I don't believe that it's consistent with the Joe Biden and I know when I do believe John Whitmer joining other woman widely seen as possible by the running mates with burns CNN president trump's denied numerous sexual misconduct allegations in the past a fox news virtual town hall Sunday night a viewer asked Mr trump to act more presidential during news conferences he said he faces unfair and hostile reporters and referencing a past president who was shot to death they always said Lincoln nobody got treated worse than like an I believe I am treated worse chucks Iverson ABC news Jersey's first news five forty eight now here's New Jersey fast traffic route seventy eighties bands I would get a weeklong construction projects starting now it's eastbound side express lanes closed at the garden state parkway all traffic moved over to the local lanes I can see it on the DOT camera traffic is slow in the expresses your merger over to the locals that goes all week on the Jersey turnpike its construction worked with an eastern Superbike at seventeen for the Lincoln tunnel southbound side western spur one lane closed by fifteen eighty and southbound route twenty one is closed in Clifton from Ackerman Avenue to date Avenue because of an accident the parkway has a crash southbound side of the shoulder right exit ninety one in the break area north an accident cleared and there was construction but that's cleared by exit one fourteen Bob Williams do Jersey traffic north Joe my really Jersey traffic south of the road work a new pattern to add forty two north bound black first bike of three to read forty one it's still pretty quiet and no problems at all read seventy just be careful in the area of seventy and Lakehurst road in Pemberton where we have some ongoing road work and the Atlantic city expressway both ways by the egg harbor toll plazas in Hamilton township we have some ongoing road work in New Jersey fast traffic sponsored by cars dot com her shop from your couch with cars dot com connect with dealers to torque cars virtually search great prices and yes cars ready.

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