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But this sixty seven percent, more fiber that must really help to keep things moving talk to be about it. I like the way you put that. And most of my patients aren't getting nearly enough fiber. In fact, according to the journal of the American dietetic association only five percent of us are getting enough fiber, that's a disaster because fiber promotes healthy bowel movements. You know, you need to have a bowel movement, at least once a day, that's critical. You have to clean out their GR track. But on top of that fiber promotes healthy cholesterol, levels triglycerides blood sugar, Patty, promote the healthy body weight, many people when they start adding fiber to their diet, actually drop a few pounds pretty common. It promotes digestion, it promotes absorption of nutrients, it, even reduces bad breath and body odors. So fiber is an all around great thing to have the USDA the American Heart Association and National Cancer Institute, the all promote getting more fiber. And if you're not getting a fiber OJ, see has a full five grams of both soluble and insoluble, fiber, eat the food extract the new. Trans, and then you want to get the waste out of your system rapidly. That's what Barbour does for us. Now doc, I'm looking at the list of ingredients here, and it sounds amazing. I mean, you've got the organic blueberries, you've got the strawberries the cranberries, the red raspberries. You've added organic broccoli spinach, kale. Parsley wheat grass out grass green tea Aasa e berry, apples beets. I mean, even had liver support planned, plus a full, five grams of fiber. This is quite a list, and it's all organic, right. Oh, yeah. I mean, this is an amazing compilation of nutrients, all carefully chose in the specific benefits that they deliver were talking Tara, to the is beats black. Kearns digestive enzymes for they gestion. I buyer Alina and Clara, those blue green algae is that are super healthy for us, Pat, a are pain magazine bring spiraling as the number one SuperFood for extending your life, span, and Clara, supports the liver in heavy metal to talks have occasion. I hid it. Flaxseed important for a man prostate good source of omega threes. Parsley is.

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