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And I Mega do have millions this open fever mic about sweeping the the traffic nation. A this record morning. Hey, breaking joe. one What's point going six. on with the Maitland? I four exits Billion dollars stop up for grabs to tonight, take another if exit. the largest That's interesting. lotto I'm jackpot not I'm not in seeing that. US Are you seeing history, that Jim taking and a look it's at expected a camera just to grow north of our news Maitland ninety boulevard six off point of I five four WDBO in traffic. reporter Westbound Samantha Jordan moving is getting a fairly firsthand fine. look Yeah. at That's lotto really weird fever because I'm right not now seeing to any seven kind of problems eleven there Lee at I vista. four and Maitland Yeah. right The store now, owner here tells if me it if has you're been still. Senate nuts. or still struggling There was a with person that. Or waiting if you're outside nearby, before they and even you can give open us a little this bit more morning and information. that customer That about would three be awesome hundred seven dollars eleven worth on of Orlando's few minutes morning later, news channel someone nine eyewitness dropped news one hundred political and twenty reporter dollars Christopher worth pizzas on mega joining us millions. in studio on Then. Tuesdays Of course, as he does. there are And those scrounging Chris for change had a great observation just to get a shot about at the that Chinook jackpot. helicopter. Playing Yeah. I don't know why you guys are buying brand new. I mean, boys. you pick one of these things up Anything? us you save a little bit of cash. The All newer of ones it. are loaded with technology. And I'm guessing you just want the thing for the Oh, no. towel. Our get it used one get one that's from like, the Cold War era, and you're fine. I mean, I don't know you can get like an old Sikorsky or burning cash side, not coldest. I have ever most uncomfortable and Kohl's ever been in my life. Was I was honest Chinook flying from Fort Hood over to Baton Rouge, Louisiana with the First Cavalry Division and woefully under dressed for. How cold it gets up there at altitude as those things are not pressurized? So you just you just freeze, and it was loud. You guys had ear protection? It was loud. It was cold. It was uncomfortable. But I mean, you know, I I'm better for the journey is we've got a couple of open mics here about the mega millions lottery ticket. Yes, I play. I don't go crazy though. I only buy one quick pick. I don't plan on spending a ton of money to try and win a ton of money. I believe that if it's my turn to win then the power of the universe. You're strong enough to provide it within the. Boundaries of one ticket that being said if I was to win I would probably go full on Ned Devine as a result of it. So none of us knew who Ned Devine was. And you looked it up. Chris Irish film divine wins the lottery has a heart attack. Immediately the town realizes that he's dead but also the winning lottery ticket weekend. At Bernie's in sues. There's hilarity sounds fantastic. I mean, it's it's yeah. Film. Now, we had some discussion slash debate slash some bad information about credit card versus debit card. If you want to buy mega millions tickets, you can use the hang on. What does this?.

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