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Wasn't that we said connected the on the island environment down our friends on the island of Britain that we want to move from conflict and all of the pain and suffering the fact we want to get off the merry go round of acts offering, and we wanted to create a viable democratic process and key to all of us where the commerce at the time and now former congressman so far from being a negative. I. Regard this as a loss and I would reflect on this and students of Irish history will know that in the nineteen twenties when Sienna Fall, which is now interview Irish establishment when they were entering the doll, the very same kind of rhetoric unnamed boiling. That we experienced over the last number of years was deployed against them by an. Colds at the time coming going, which are now see Finnegan another the second map of the Irish options. So some of this is history repeating itself. Some of US is conical. Is Our heads would voice and if they if they knew their own history and if they'd any sense what we need to achieve as a nation, but in any event, I am very satisfied that the party that the Republican base in the WII dissents essense possible has been extremely disciplined is now fully as signed on to the Good Friday Agreement on all of the principles therein and equally is absolutely determined that we will finish our journey and we will see Irish unity through the mechanism of aboard. I'm very proud of all of thousand I rather than people trying to desperately reach back asked. We should have shared sense of pride in what we've achieved, and then we need to reach for the future and Andrew Baroness. Mind those faint although they Aston wished to kind of use the past as evidence against us the concern of action his nothing to do with the cast and has everything to do with the future at because they know the kinds of new society. That we wish to to create will not be so deferential to them underinvested infests at they have control their own way, and Sherwood, they raise the white flag of surrender of course, those that have benefited from the existing status quo for now almost two century wish to continue with things exactly as they are in should find open challenged enough. That's actually the issue in my estimation but do. You personally have any ongoing relationship with any fine figures of generation. You said, he may that you still spoke to Gerry Adams at least every week there were reports, and if you could confirm one way or the other whether or not the correct, that would be that in the talks after the election both Martin Lynch and Portrait Wilson were negotiating on behalf of Shin. Fain is that right? Well I I do I regularly in contact with Jerry. Jerry. Was I, the leader of the piracy My time is an activist until I assume that he's also a friend of mine, and so I would always be into the with with Gerry Adams and as to mark mentioned Walter Wilson both of those are active in politics and They're very active in political work across the party. An I very regularity would ask them to take nations to cherry things to to at pursue pieces of feature, very regularly in and around the assembly in Belfast and when needed to them as well..

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