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Have worked more than twenty days straight and twelve hour shifts during which they been spat on and have had bricks and explosives thrown at them he says they're physically and mentally exhausted Rodman's son officer Nick Rodman was killed in twenty seventeen in the line of duty mayor Greg Fischer says the city is walking a fine line in handling the nightly protests S. S. S. majority of the protesters are peaceful and what we're trying to do as a city is is balanced people's first amendment rights to protest with the protection of people and safety so from time to time obviously it it calls into question which way you're going to go there but public safety is always going to be the first thing sister says he continues to support peaceful protests but warned LMPD will act when violence occurs at the White House today president trump made remarks on what he sees as acceptable police reform A. B. C.'s Karen Travers has details the executive order signed by president trump today encourages reforms in policing including incentivizing police agencies across the country to adopt best practices on the use of force establishing information sharing about officers who engage in misconduct and promoting using social workers to help with nonviolent calls president reiterated his opposition to calls for defunding police departments we have to find common ground but I strongly oppose the radical and dangerous efforts to defend dismantling dissolve our police departments Karen Travers ABC news the White House U. S. senators are going to work on police reform to replace what Republican senator Lindsey Graham calls a broken system democratic senator Cory Booker of New Jersey asked how many people have to die needlessly before lawmakers take bold action will we meet this moment in history and actually do something real or will we find ourselves back here again a year from now three years from now with mass protests in the steep streets by people of all different backgrounds demanding change senator Lindsey Graham said black Americans live in fear of being pulled over by the police his Judiciary Committee is looking at what steps should be taken at the federal level he mentioned possibly banning choke holds a Kentucky soldier has been accounted for more than seventy years after his disappearance Haley Hanson has the story eighteen year old army corporal Billy Joe hash of Corbin Kentucky was reported missing during the Korean War after his unit was attacked near the chosen reservoir in North Korea in nineteen fifty his remains were finally accounted for after North Korea turned over fifty five boxes said to contain the remains of American service members killed during the war has his name is recorded on the courts of the missing at the national memorial cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu a rose that will be placed next to his name to indicate he's been accounted for he Lee Hanson newsradio eight forty WHAS another Kentucky festival falls victim to the corona virus pandemic the world chicken festival which was scheduled to take place in London Kentucky in September is being canceled organizer say a number of issues and unknown variables such as social distancing temperature and health checks on the uncertainty over what would be allowed all played a role in the executive board's decision your next news update is at six thirty I'm C. Sandoval newsradio eight forty W. H. A. S. it is for Haley the book hello Jim this it was soul crushing this and we're just looking for just two noms you don't have the ticket the jury I'm sorry one more time that stirs the drink yes Israeli called can you this president spoon that stars I don't know what's at stake isn't it I think matter you obviously need.

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