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Uh then we had a robotic arm to dig down its found that depending on exactly where we dug between four and 15th centimeters deep we found this uh ice layer where in a couple of places it looked like it was almost pure water ace and most of the area that we uncovered was ice cemented soil so you could imagine taking a dish full of dirt adding water to it and throwing it in the freezer an at these temperatures are at the mars martian temperatures that i was talking about earlier it's as hard as concrete but just a hard to dig then proud yeah so we could dig into that the best we could do we could kind of scrape along the surface in it and collect what we scrape but we also had a drill um that could drill about a centimeter into the ice in and we'd collect the the uh the tailings okay but to get back to the human expiration point so one day i am on mars were digging with the phoenix lander a and so what you do ray say okay dig here and then dump here uh so dig in this area that we define and the dump often some other area on the surface right on on that yeah all on the surface okay so the um the the the arm is digging and it goes to dump and it just so happened to choose a path between the dig location in the dump location that there was a rock in between at that wasn't a big rock media was you don't maybe eight to ten centimeters across not a huge rock on but so on like the very first group and it was supposed to be it's supposed to scoop for a while on the various first kubik it's grabs a scoop of dirt hits the rock.

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