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Trump often claimed that Mexico would pay for the wall as a campaign for the presidency. Mexico has refused but in its primetime speech to the nation. The president said Mexico will pay for the wall in directly to the economic benefits. Read by the reworking of the North American Free trade agreement, but that deal now known as the US MCA still needs congressional approval that many economists are skeptical that any benefits would offset the cost of the wall. NPR's Giles Snyder farmers who are hurt by the trade war are eligible to apply for government assistance. Program. But right now, they can't because some federal government offices are shutdown Iowa. Public radio's Amy mayor reports agriculture secretary Sonny Perdue is asking that the programs deadline. Be extended farmers were facing a January fifteenth deadline to apply for the tariff relief money, but with local USDA offices closed. There's nowhere for their paperwork to go central Iowa soybean grower. Aaron Lehman says government money isn't how farmers like to earn their income that they can't afford to leave it on the table either until USDA announced this extension Lehman says he didn't know whether he'd see any of that money, but to be honest and have been so unpredictable recently with news coming out of Washington that you just never know. I will Republican Senator Chuck Grassley says he asked secretary Perdue to do something about the tariff relief deadline. A new deadline has yet to be set for NPR news. I'm Amy mayor in Ames, Iowa, China's foreign ministry says trade talks with the US delegation. Have concluded in Beijing NPR's? Rob schmitz. It's has more Asian stocks jumped after trade talks were extended for an unscheduled third day feeling hopes that the world's two largest economies may soon reach a trade deal. Putting an end to months of tariffs on each other's goods. This week's meetings are the first face-to-face talks since President Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping agreed in December two ninety day truce to a trade war that has roiled global markets. If no deal is reached by March second, Trump has said he will raise tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese imports from ten to twenty five percent in an op Ed the state run, China Daily said China is keen to put an end to its trade dispute with the US, but will not make any unreasonable concessions. Rob Schmitz, NPR news Shanghai secretary of state, Mike Pompeo has made an unannounced visit to Iraq to speak with leaders. There. Pump was in the Middle East to talk about a plan you as troop withdrawal from Syria. The Trump administration has made conflicting statements over when and how you was troops might be withdrawn. This is NPR. Authorities in the Houston area have arrested a second suspect in the shooting death of a black seven year old girl. Jasmine Barnes was killed December thirtieth in the car that her mother was driving initially her family thought that a white assailant and shot. Her authorities have now arrested two suspects who are black. The child's funeral was held on Tuesday. Last year was an expensive one for insurance companies paying out claims for losses from natural disasters. NPR's Christopher Joyce reports on the latest numbers. Global financial losses from natural disasters reached.

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