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Who was the founder of this group and when he'd been the founder he passed away in nineteen seventythree but basically when that had this group of basically people that were practising this medium ship very early on the wrapping started there was this communication that was coming through from wrapping and they discovered that will contracting eighties old school wrapping on the floors yes exactly wrapping on the walls that kanda stone and as that was happening this became a communication the communication that came through came from this old american indian that nihar had met many years prior now this american indian new very nighthawk very well what had happened was the way that nihar would have been introduced to this is that his name was black elk and i heart had gone with black l to one of these basically it's like a science as well but for american indians and that all sit inside this teepee and then they would practice meditative affects and it would cause the teepee to vibrate and the flapping of the teepee was they would then use that to communicate oh wow and so this was like that will communicating with even older spirits so alda ancestors and sisters yes and so this fascinated no hearts this why he went off and did his research and of course this research the attention of cox and as kach started doing and continuing on this work essentially ni hot who had passed away in the nineteen seventies i think nine hundred seventy three he started doing the rapping then for the new group that's fascinating that it was the same phenomenon for native americans it would be interaction with the teepee or something in the tent different and in the modern parapsychology world it's wrappings on the wall wrappings on the floor boards robbings on the table so a different way of doing it but essentially fundamentally the same it's still communication and because i guess from a societal perspective and this is what so fascinating to a sociologist because they believed that believes somehow facilitated that communication it goes back to what we were talking about with jack only lost week about how you know you've got this this belief facilitating so i mean with basically going back to cox here one he was standing at this conference he pulled james assad and he started talking to james and james it's funny james strikes me as someone who will he has his beliefs and you following the the.

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