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Three drew away honey what is our signature moment and interview from richard sherman seven seasons as his eeoc that of course from the two thousand and thirteen nfc championship game against the forty nine ers today the seahawks releasing sherman in a cost cutting post injury moving to tell us more about it we say a little greg bell covers the hawks for the news tribune into tacoma certainly no surprise but greg talk about the significance of this move today and what it means for this franchise but you're right no surprise as expected but one of the more significant moves in seattle sports history and the very apt cooked you just play one of the second report seattle sports is probably eggers double in two months care it gets the seahawks to the super bowl uh it's an end of an era for sure he had the best five years experiments career from the first full season you started in two thousand twelve until through two thousand sixteen and then he has a torn achilles in two thousand seventeen those five years with the best five years in seattle history by straight playoffs to super bowl first super bowl championship for the franchise three all three consecutive all postelection four probowl so when sharon was his best the seahawks we their best they that with them that's important he he was to that team that defense me on that team eleven million dollars in salary their saving this year now there's a chance that there will be a little less than eleven million buffet wait on the injured and a half you could have been injuries settlement but no doubt this is a costsaving move for team that beat salary cap space and he had the second highest contract space pay here in two thousand eighteen on a team second only to russell wilson they weren't gonna cut russell wilson so this is money they have to have to increase the rest of their team but it took gaping hole at one of the beat behind quarterback the most difficult position to plan sports reality is all that matters millennia ask you a hypothetical with that disclaimer is not to the achilles injury would richard sherman still be part of this team.

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