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The they don to the veta literature so you could call i would call scientifically spiritualists weekly scientific and i've never encountered any philosophy of red eye of studied every religion in the world and i went to india and i practiced bought the yoga now with my questions is dr green mo is what would you say would be the most important important thing you could tell folks in this and earth you know the literature has been there for billions of years is and i and i'm not sure which predate does the sumerian predate sanskrit a sanskrit and and invaded glitter the vega's were role in the known world well i agree with you on these points probably we have a lot in common being that i'm also a practitioner of of the guy and as far as advice about what the most important thing is i i would say the most important thing i've learned is that i have to spend some time each day getting in touch with my deeper self which i do through a process of lawn meditation i meditate on the hari krishna mantra but i think whatever it is i'm i'm telling people what i personally do but i think everyone has to search it out for themselves and find something that gets them in touch with their deeper and that deeper level of reality that we all eventually come to michael we're almost out of time let's take one more quick call and let's go to tim and spring hill florida go ahead tempur squeegee in real fast i got so much to tell you a quick call is going to be tough to do it still absorbing you saw the town of particles and that's what gives you your gravity it's it's like a subatomic win pushing down for everything so our our sons pulling the stuff in the center of the sun all the particles pulling the subatomic gravity particles but as they hit the center of the sun they compress that's what keeps the sun going your black hole you have all the matter streaming into the center of the black club but it's layered so the outside it's just barely the speed of light never miss a detail on a show.

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