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Of the group who speaks English talks about how he, communicated with the British divers uttering this now famous? Freeze The also spoke for the first time about how they made the difficult decision on who. Would leave the cave first revealing they simply asked for volunteers up on stage standing alongside the three navy seals who led the rescue effort we need the doctor who stayed with the team three miles underground for, nine days The And the voice also take a moment to honor Simone Kuhn on the navy seal who died trying to find them To say thank you to you and y'all This they'll be ordained, as monks to honor his legacy Doctors say now their main concern or the boys minds they're taking things slowly and all those questions today, at the press conference filter through the doctors hospital, says they'll, keep, monitoring them for quite some time news New York KOMO news time is three twenty seven congressman labar lettuce has natural disasters in the US. Last year caused an estimated three hundred seventy billion dollars in damages during a house. Transportation and infrastructure subcommittee meeting today Pennsylvania Republican said hurricanes in two thousand, seventeen, impacted the south as well as US territories in the Atlantic another, Washington huskies shows up on a major college football. Preseason awards list come Bill Swartz is talking dawgs runs like this lighting up to take the direct snap, snap it back to miles trying to run little, cutback lane Gaskin touchdown watching Gene yard run, leading touchdown watcher Washington football history have pushed miles Gaskin over. Four thousand yards rushing in his, husky football career just fifty one yard. Shy of Napoleon Kaufman's. U. dub record Gaskins Forty-five running touchdowns already best. In Washington history the senior from Lynnwood named a preseason candidate for the Doak Walker award. Given to college football's, top running back. Our buddy Gregg Lewis of the huskies won the very first Doak Walker award back in one thousand nine hundred ninety miles Gaskin leads, Washington..

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