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Majority Leader Paul Gazelka part of our our conversation last hour we talked about the woman who videotaped officer king of cub foods we just mentioned just finished overrated underrated properly rated all that is available to you radio dot com is the app hit the rewind feature this was an excellent Liz Sawyer story from of the week eight minority Ramsey county correction officers have filed discrimination charges with the state's department human rights after they were barred from guarding or having any other contact with their children he spoke there all officers of color were ordered to a separate floor are you kidding me and a supervisor told one of them because of their race they would be a potential liability around show of one A. Smith is an attorney representing ploys I think they deserve to have employment decisions made based on performance and behavior their main goal is to make sure this never happens again Bravo one hundred percent explaining the actions the jail superintendent Steve like later told supervisors he was informed shopper was arriving ten minutes and made the call to protect and support minority employees hi Karen concerning without the comfort time I made a decision to limit exposure to employees of color to murder suspect who could potentially aggravate their feelings I just I cannot understand the sergeant let me just get this part later that afternoon offices color gathered on the third for the console one another of what what they deem as segregation order summer crying charges say what others were openly complaining whether they should quit contemplate with this quit a union steward complained to top brass prompting the intro of instigation during the interview live explained that he recognized Floyd's death would likely create the queue radicalize trauma for minority staff and felt he had a duty to protect them one individual I was involved in the Pat down it was called off during the Pat down lighten has since apologized I realize that geared in judgment and issued an apology to the affected ploys also when they try to get sheriff Bob Fletcher to comment we're still waiting trip tried multiple times a spokesman right Magnussen initially refused to name lives current position or divulge whether you've been transferred on Saturday magazine said lighten have been removed from his role as jail superintendent he will report to undersheriff bill fanning who's been tapped to run the department the tension division enter the department ministration but several officers were reassigned in the post that day however briefly stands in stark contrast with ritual narrative when writers inquired about a segregation order magazine responded with an email there's no truth to that report in other words Magnussen let's be clear was lying was lying about fifth are you kidding me again in in twenty twenty this is happening if one of the officers involved in this goes to superior and says I don't want to be a part of this that's one thing when you're making this decision and your judging them on their race as opposed to this novel concept we hired them because we think they can do the job and they haven't given us any indication they can't do the job then again this is indefensible Adam when you saw this story and you see it now what grabs you most well yeah the word segregation comes to mind and it's insulting for assuming that these officers wouldn't want be able of what control themselves yeah around him that's insulting and racist do I mean it's it is it's it's a racist decision and yeah I don't blame these officers one bit for the reaction Fletcher still has not commented right I'm not sure when I looked at earlier I don't believe he has commented Janet someone the son of law enforcement officer again let's not forget we just have says this role a magazine was lying when Reuters initially reached out because word spreads out kudos Roy good to know we can rely on you insulting indefensible racists what else you wanna say I mean it's all those things right I mean first of all you cannot have the please lying to the public like that you just can't do that that's you know we're already in a situation where trust has been soul grossly eroded in policing that you just flat out lie like that is unacceptable and there needs to be consequences for that I can't imagine why it's taken this long or still we're still waiting on the sheriff to comment share should absolutely be out front on this condemning this action and excitement well it would it doesn't make you wonder if he somehow okay okay this before it happened he's trying to figure out how much you spend yeah I mean you know it again with no comment for him how do we know and that's that was concerning to me because that part for Magnussen Magnussen same when pressed about the initial stay the magazine claim when I asked that's what I was told that's his only potential defense did someone lie to him yeah and is it lighten or is it maybe Fletcher who lied to him we don't know isn't the shares office looks really really bad not coming out and clearing that up here's another disgusting part of the story so the day after arrested and booked at Ramsey county jail multiple officers reported seen surveillance footage of a white lieutenant who was granted special access guess where Chauvin cell where she sat in the bunk and allowed him to use her cell phone I signifies significant policy violation so the other individuals who were there you've decided they're not qualified for this solely because of their race that's it and then show then then gets interact with another white officer and she gives.

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