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And there were twelve churches vandalized, including a fire in Paris last month a single week. But over here is not on the biggest. No, no, no, no, no discarded, cigarette. No, no, no, no Arseny. None whatsoever. Parish how dairy okay now here is dumbest man on TV. Don lemon on CNN. And this is the way CNN is covering the Notre Dame fire last night. The nations have been pouring in to help rebuild Notre Dame cathedral. But yesterday's fires. Also, causing a spike and donations for the three black churches in Louisiana that were destroyed by arson just a few weeks ago, a crowdfunding campaign for the small churches received nearly five hundred thousand dollars after social media uses pointed out that the Notre Dom had been pleased hundreds of millions of dollars. But the Louisiana churches. Well, they were still so see. Notre dame. Millions three black churches peanuts. Not fair racist Americans racist whites around the world eager to reveal Notre Dame. Couldn't care less about three black churches in the event that CNN's angle. So you always turn what whatever. It's a good story that so many people are offering so much money to Notre Dame. It's a very uplifting story CNN can't allow that got to tear that down have to put that in perspective, that's actually racism. That's actually white superiority that's white nationalism. Only white people building Notre Dame, but paltry donations to three black churches, Louisiana. And this is just the latest technique and the latest way that left wing media bias is performed. Because technically in lemons reporters, nothing incorrect. There's a lot of money that's been donated to Notre Dame and the amount of money in comparison donated three black churches is much smaller. So all of that's true. It is tone. On. I mean, even juxtaposing these things together the purpose here is to smear. White donors wealthy white donors to smear whites as racist and uncaring. So you take what is a really good story. And you turn it into a negative on the people who are making it a really good story. You impugn. The donors you rip Amon new one. Intel everybody, what a bunch of you imply won a bunch of racists. They are and how they really don't have big hearts because they didn't care with three black churches went up, but when their church in, and that's how CNN does it. And it's it is a purposeful technique. That's being used every day on. I'm frankly every story. Okay. Now, the the FOX the Fox News story, and it's kind of fascinating to go beyond just the surface as I say a lot of Fox News fans are livid because they even gave an hour to crazy Bernie. It's the largest audience in cable news and a bunch of conservative. Why are we turning that audience over to the Democrats? They can't build audiences like this on their own networks. Why are why is FOX doing this? It's not right. So people devolve or evolve much there. Fuck stick just tired of being criticized and they wanna be respecting by the rest of the media and they don't like being quote right wing until just going overboard. They're destroying what they built. I'm never watching again, then on the left. There is so much anger at Bernie Sanders. You can't believe it, folks. You don't see it because you're too busy focused on your anger and FOX, but the left the radical left the socialist left the mainstream left is livid at Bernie. For daring to go on FOX. And you know, why? Because in their view, Bernie is validating FOX. And he is humanizing FOX, and he is making FOX appear to be mainstream by willingly appearing there. And this is under cutting their efforts to destroy FOX. What are the efforts that they are employing to destroy FOX? It's advertiser boycotts. And they are I can't tell you how filled with rage. They are because they are afraid that Bernie Sanders. Appearing on FOX is going to create new advertisers, four FOX who approve of this which will be financially beneficial to FOX and will undercut their efforts to boycott advertisers of Tucker, Hannity Ingram. Shannon bream and wherever else around the network. And so they are livid at Bernie because they think Bernie is single handedly destroying their effort to destroy FOX by mainstreaming it by giving it credibility, and they are deathly afraid that Bernie Sanders, and if that Pete Buddha judges next that these Liberal Democrats doing town halls is going to further mainstream FOX, which is going to make it more amenable to additional advertisers, which will then further undercut the left. Boycott effort. And they are I'm I'm as angry as you may be at FOX trust me. They are living at Bernie Sanders for this. They are single handedly running these boycott campaigns. They happen every day. They're such mainstream. Now that they don't even make the news, but they're running these these these advertiser boycott campaigns and Bernie's undercutting them. Damn pfeiffer. Who was a famous democrat spokesman Clinton's Obama, Fox News will use these democrat town halls to attract new advertisers, which will help keep Hannity Tucker on the air undoing a lot of grass roots pressure on ever ties IRS. Can't have that. Daily 'cause. Yeah. This is a great thing for Sanders personally. But he's undermining everybody's efforts to destroy. Fox's ability to sell advertising, and they're really mad Sanders. Set the record. They're mad that more people watched Sanders on FOX than ever watched a democrat townhall on CNN or MSNBC. They can't believe they're living. Bernie a sell out. He selfish. And they're trying to whip up a bunch of anti Bernie Sanders pressure. But what they're really worried about is that every other democrat is now going to want in on this and mayor Pete, hey, come on come on my husband, and I would love to kiss each other on facts man, that would be great. When we go into a town hall, and Eric swale Welby right behind him the rest of the democrat parade. I wanna kiss my husband FOX to. Oh, that would be a wonderful, and they're livid and paranoid. That their own Democrats are going to undercut their effort to destroy FOX financial. Ability couple other aspects of this thing as as well. Some of them are saying to support their contention at Bernie's being selfish. There isn't anybody watching. It's going to change their mind at vote for Bernie, nobody watching this is the Fox News audience. Then I gotta watch Bernie townhall. Hey, Bernie's good guy. I'm gonna vote that isn't going to happen. Bernie's wasting his time. The all he's doing is helped mainstream and humanized FOX. It's one of the reasons why whenever there have been decent profiles of me. The left goes nuts. They can't stand that. I would be humanized because their efforts have been for thirty years to dehumanize me to make me some gigantic bogeyman or whatever the same thing that's happening here with FOX. So for all of you phonics fans livid here in what's happening. You think they're selling out? They may be I don't know. But at the same time there are benefits accruing to them financially. For this. And it's turning a bunch of left-wing donors and activists against crazy Bernie at the same time. So just a few additional things to put in the hopper for you to consider. We'll be back..

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