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Head of sales informing that we were losing line of business for our website that caught me by surprise because we pride ourselves and keeping our technology up-to-date ecommerce moves quickly business or suffering and we needed expertise fast. We'd heard about American Eagle dot com and their total digital solution. So we asked them to do an analysis. They evaluated our entire digital experience. Everything from designed to coating to our e commerce strategy and implementation, then they presented us with a plan that helps solve our short-term needs with a vision towards future upgrades. Now our platform can fall with us businesses back on track. Thanks to American Eagle dot com. I still keep my in the future. It's good to know American Eagle dot com. And they're dedicated account team are watching out for us too. Don't hire website company higher strategic business partner American Eagle dot com. Give them a call at seven seven three network that seven seven three network and take your business to new heights. Hey, guys. How's your game going? If you know what? I mean, a lot of you know, me that you may not know my name, I'm sildenafil, the active ingredient in that little blue pill. You know that helps guys with erectile dysfunction. I'm really super excited to tell you. I've moved into generic pal that you can get four hymns dot com. Gosh, guys, everybody wants to perform their best. The not everyone could afford me. I mean in that little blue pill that now I can be yours at four hymns dot com. Hymns connects you with licensed doctors who can prescribe me online, and then I get delivered right to your door, sell, easy and get this your first month is just five dollars. When you go to four hymns dot com slash love five dollars for a whole month of me. That's make every guys stand up and cheer to get your first order for just five bucks. Go to this exclusive address for him dot com slash love. That's for him dot com slash love. Get started today for just. Five bucks at four him stock com slash love a great way to start your week is wits a barbecue. Like the city's best ribs championship barbecue driver ribs with Ford of its sauces side. You can get them at southern cut barbecue one ninety eight east Delaware place in Chicago. You don't want rips. How about smoke chicken pulled pork diced brisket skirt steak on the side? So barbecue sunny slow baked beans coleslaw jalapeno Cobra top of Vermont maple syrup in Georgia pecan butter a little fresh shut corn. And then for dessert banana Fana cream pie the way grandma made it, but super-dense whipped cream caramelized bananas. Get all these traits. One ninety eight east Delaware place in Chicago block, east of the magma..

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