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I don't think this game can can really appreciate any director for me, especially when you show that Jesse starting lineup. I thought the meet easy sphere than I was expecting and keep it in mind has that only bench coverage is still to to be involved. You can have zero as as an option instead of Murata their options there. So they made it look easy and was, but still even with those inclusions, I don't think Chelsea finish Chelsea. Meanwhile, hang tough today. James, his old side, new calc- knighted taking on, taught him all the Harry k. In these eleven purchasing, of course, making no signings in the summer. Eight minutes in your inventory makes it one goal on technologies saying that it did cross the line to a bike, sheer Sanchez partner, Victorian Tolman. Those get over the lane. Subcess celebrate that brilliantly. Clearly. Because actually watching the game, I was always thinking that Sanchez was the one that's. But he was happy didn't last long because they one Grigore them by marriage from that right and side comeback. This left on this is diagnosed for touch who's this really well to get on the end of it. Slightness of touches, welcome corner. Good goal, fun style to this gang Spurs make it to one just eighteen minutes in Delhi alley. You want an example of a daily alley goal. This perfect guy just goes into the and unfunny she's, I mean, that's just. Into the second half, we go Newcastle looking to make it to to tonight though by the post, the only with the effort. Really nicely for money just tries to be your piece crosses of these. I think yours also lively in the second half of the same race. This is good because I mean, it's just pure reflex. From that and go back to your tunes and incredible ran. Then with five minutes ago, new signing wrong with a chance. First of all, they are good, blow them Tong. Basically. Starting the, she's in the, we finish the World Cup US international. Dan reedley would go off later on in this game. Finocchio collision with Ben Davies. Lee who round on crutches more on that story on the website Spurs with a two one win over Newcastle. Do you say the same to me for this game? Chelsea that you expected this to be an easy win. Therefore we can't read anything into different d. on this game, we'd put last year difference because this is exactly how these two teams will last year for me. You consulate home a lively when the crow gets behind them, the look Zula given old, but the dish not quite good enough. That's what will last year, and that's what they will today and supposedly exactly the same. Suppose when it comes to the games when it comes to win it miles will just not quite harbor against the lecture Newcastle. The one again, would you can send Spurs that tied in a second did look. I guess you said Jesus Bach, and yes, exactly the teams to Steve's point. This was the opening fixture last year and we're suppose one to nil, but listen ashore, preseason spoons out quite a few players. We with the England him of the very least. And Eucosat home. I think the as much as anybody have a siege mentality with what's been happening on, not as you case may be upstairs, a singer of just park. I thought it was a good before from Newcastle. Say, they still lose that. You always see says the to take the three Linnet kid really lost rusty though, didn't he? He literally every August, Harry Kane never plays where. Never is. We just give him a Pau one-season hurricane. Because he never schools in August untied. Meanwhile, the game. So wounds take on Everton a lot of excitement around over these pubs considering the signings that they have made over the summer transfer window full house at all new four. This clash between these two. Let's say you exactly what happened seventeen minutes into this one, and it would be Evanston taken the lead ever. Charleston, Sony all rows raised whenever and Bates so much money for the former player lead make it one day on the seventeenth minute. Well, the fortune here, the bowl just get squeezed amongst both Herman defenders, and he's forced to react and six home, however, five minutes ago in the first half, this would be a bit of a gang change. It wouldn't it Jag alka given a straight red right decision for yet..

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