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CBS Sports Radio. Anthony Lima is in today to Eastern will take you up until then. Also coming up in just about 20 minutes. Kyle Glaser, Baseball America. We've seen one trade go down in the bigs already today. How active Are these team's going to be? With the deadline tomorrow, and with so many teams in contention for a playoff spot. Almost the entire League. Has a chance to make the postseason. How will that alter this trade deadline very complex. Right now. And this, This just seems wide open. This year in baseball. I said earlier in the show. I don't know. Why There's been so little buzz. When baseball You know, comes back when it did. We don't even know if we'll be able to have a season. I know there's no fans right now they're still fingers crossed for the ability to have fans a bit later on. But it just seems like fans have 1 ft. In 1 ft. Out. Maybe the playoffs will change that. Will talkto Kyle Glaser a little bit later on. Coming up at noon from baseball America. Before we get to Brett Brown. Who after seven years is gone as ability of 76 year head coach I don't know how how active Some of you are on Lincoln. I'm curious. Answer you on lengthen. Do you have a profile? Yes. I am only okay. Hasn't led to anything. No. And I've had of what For? Maybe, like, eight years now, on ly one time that somebody reach out to me. From a company looking to see if I was interested in a job just the one time and it didn't result in anything. No, it didn't get it. I didn't even get an interview. No man that's wrong. It was very strange, because if I was interested in the job, and then I replied, Yes, and I followed them all my information and then I never heard from him again after that, So so they were just they were rightfully with what was on the reservation. They don't want to follow up. Well, now and now look at the fame and fortune. And the opportunities that have come Since then. You made the right move. You made the right move. I mean, I always joke with the women that I know that They show me the DMZ like there are dudes that use it as a dating service, So they will show me the messages from guys that all start out very official. Especially if like there in finance, and they see that they have some finance back, you know, same background..

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