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Gentlewoman yells, Doctor, gentlemen from Ohio, which is to reserve this time we do. The gentleman from New York is recognized Menace Speaker. How much time do we have? Police woman from New York has nine and one quarter minute. And Ohio has eight minutes. The gentleman from ill health. It's German from New York. Thank you, Mr Speaker. I know you have 30. Seconds to this thing with gentlemen from North Carolina, Mr Butterfield, the gentlemen from North Carolina's recognized for 30 seconds. Madam Speaker President Trump's incitement to violently overturn the results of a free and fair election is an attack. On our rule of law, Any president in a member of Congress who obstructs the electoral, college or text judges and the court system, where there's no evidence to support their contentions undermines the public's trust and confidence in the judicial process. How do my Republican colleagues expect ordinary citizens to respect and trust the courts in civil and criminal matters all across this country? Think about that. As you make this decision, both gentleman scientist Expired. The gentleman from New York, which is just Carolina Democrat, G. K. Butterfield, serve the gentleman from Ohio was recognized. Madam Speaker We reserved gentleman from Ohio Reserves the gentleman from New York speaker you 30 seconds of single generated from California Miserable. I lord. The gentleman from California is recognized for 30 seconds. Medicine speaker. I take no joy in voting to impeach President Trump. But this president has blood on his hands in the wake of this attempted coup. The fact remains no president of the United States is above the law. And this president has sadly violated his oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. As members of Congress who have taken that same pledge. It is our duty to take this action and impeach this unfit and dangerous president. Are you on this Chinese? Expect she'll horrible, Howard, There are questions to reserve the gentlemen from Ohio, his recognized Mattis figure We reserved the gentleman from our health wishes to reserve. The gentleman from New York is recognized. And speaking out your 30 Seconds to the gentleman from California. Mr Khanna, the gentleman from California's recognized for 30 seconds..

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