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They will probably be Texas AB, Texas. They will probably go to a bowl, but they unified. And the thing is when it was announced that he was coming back a lot a lot of athletes athletes, spoke out on Twitter, which is crazy. A lot of athletes players in the program got up and walked out of the room when he came into address the team. How does he hold this team? He can't he's gotta be gone. He's you know, what he's going to be gone for other reasons, they're gonna fire him. He will be fired eighty. Why would you double down on a guy who's going to be on? Anyway, it just seems like you really had a chance Maryland as the board of trustees to say we won't put up with this. We understand that the there there needs to be a change in our culture, we want to win as bad as the next guy. But not at the cost of the lives of our kids. And it's just bullshitting. You messed it up Maryland, you had you had a real chance to be a leader. And again, I looked to universities to be the leaders of literally out in front of everything the curve of society corporation. It's not an NFL team. It's not a billionaire who's thrown his dick around trying to show you how Grady because he owns a football team. Now. This is it. That's that's what it is. And this is, you know, this is Maryland making a massive mistake when they had a chance not just when that was their only choice, by the way, Maryland, you can turn around and say, you know, what I would love to see this. We fucked up issue is saving going like we totally grossly underestimated we need to show that like we make mistakes, by the way people make mistakes. All the time. We made another mistake we're being incredibly insensitive, by the way, the family of this kid who died is pissed is pissed and rightly so they feel like they've been punched in the stomach again to let this guy DJ Durkin back in their screw him. And by the way, everywhere he goes, he should be made to feel and understand that he killed the kit on his watch. That's it. You don't you? You should not be in charge of other people's kids period. Hope it comes back to bite you in the ass. All of you, Maryland, you and did Did or or. kids? I feel sorry for the team who are standing up and actually saying the right things who have to deal they should revolt. There should be a mutiny on the team. I would point that would be great. He's run those stairs. You run 'em. Stitch? I won't run from it. That's the song big red machine. Conybeare kick it in. Our we come back, Tom sharp Ling cannot wait for the cheap seats. Stay with..

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