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O P News time 10 48 Traffic and Weather on the Apes to Steve Dresser and the W T O P Traffic Center in Virginia's still dealing with the crash and the Manassas area, knees bound 66 approaching Suddenly, road exit 47 block and the left side of the roadway and then slowing things down. Further on the eastbound side approaching the Prince William Parkway Work Zone set up single left Lane does get you by inside the Beltway on the eastbound side of 66, another word zone approaching Washington Boulevard that currently blocks the right lane westbound. No issues coming out of the Roslyn tunneled through the capital Beltway. You're pretty clear all the way out to the front royal area and on the Capitol Bill William Virginia now through our traffic cameras. You do have the express lanes blocked in both directions between 66 Braddock Road. No delays. Oh, through lanes are totally open, both on the inner loop in an hour loop of the Beltway in Virginia, 3, 95 and 95 also travelling in sin and frame currently in Maryland. Quiet on the Beltway. No problems. 95 were the B W Parkway to somebody and I in route 50 rather a good team. And at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. We do have the westbound span closed for overnight roadwork. Two way traffic pattern set up over the eastbound span. With no delays. This traffic report is sponsored by Burke and Herbert Bank were business means everything. It's better and Burton Herber Bank at your service since 18 52, Steve Dresner. W T. O P in traffic, now distracting for meteorologist Samara Theodore overnight lows headed to the thirties and forties. She's a frost advisory goes in effect from 2 a.m. to 10 A.m..

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