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We James harden scored thirty one lead the rockets to the twelfth win in their last thirteen hardened continues to set records this season by scoring at least thirty against the hawks. He's now scored thirty plus against all twenty nine other teams. That's a pretty good. Kobe scored thirty plus against twenty eight teams in oh five or six Jordan scored thirty points against every team in the league in eighty six eighty seven. But there were only twenty two teams in the league. Then he also passed Steph. Curry did hard last night for most three point attempts in a season at nine thousand six hundred thirty two actually that's wrong. It's eight hundred and some change almost nine hundred actually, but so passing Steph curry, and that as well more importantly, they do get the win. They won twelve of their last thirteen ten and thirty three in their last thirteen road game. So they're making that late season run as well. And healthy. James harden, does whatever they need to do to win that was kind of the point during that thirty thirty point streak that he had like James harden now owns in a single season. The most thirty point Tennessee games over the last thirty five years in the NBA. Like, that's who he is. And the team wins when it happens like they won when he had to be scoring thirty plus points a game because the rest of that roster was injured. And now they win with him. Getting everyone else more involved and still being a prolific scorer. Okay. So hardwood, four of eleven do we say that from last night four of eleven in past past girlfriends three pointers attempted? Where are they in in in in in percentage of three pointers made? That's what I like to know James has. I mean, look he's he's willing to hoist it up from anywhere. But he as much as he can get hot. He will run frigid cold at times with those three point shots. I'm curious as to where they are in terms of percentages of those three points because that to me would be more death than just jacking it up from any. Well, but in my mind, I think that matters slightly less now just because if you're going to compare that all time the whole methodology behind what warriors. Flip the math. You get better. And you you make more three pointers by attempting more three pointers. So at times you're going to sacrifice a little bit percentage. Wise. Do do we feel like because I think the last time I saw the odds Janas onto decompose still the odds on favorite to be the MVP in the NBA. And with what James harden has had to do this year and the record Cheesman that he's been able to put up especially without his teammates around him. I was surprised that the odds were I'm not saying, it's nothing gets you honest. And obviously he's been incredible. And the team has done. Great. And the bucks are poised to be the number one seed and have the best record in the NBA. But to me the way harden has had to do it without those teams those teammates around him. I was surprised that the odds were that skewed in favor of young mock is the best record in the league. I mean, there's something to that, you know to having a better record than Golden State as well. And and everybody knows about his athletic ability, by the way, thirty six percent career for harden forty-three percent for Steph f report percentage, I think. That pretty quickly. Listened a, you know, my feeling, and I'm understanding that there would be no matter, and you're really really good with them hit a couple of buttons and the numbers, right? Do the lie was working. Okay. Google bunk. As I was I was setting you up to be this giant brain. And you just you let me down you just cut my legs out from under. Who'd you get the MVP to who would. I get harden. I would give it to heart and to. I thought with the the ground swell of support for that thirty point streak right thought having his name out there as much as he did. Because we know that stuff matters when you talk about MVP races notoriety and things like that like Milwaukee's been good. But they've been so good. We've kind of been able to put them off to the side. Yeah. They're going to be there. Yeah. I look Janas is great. But if hardened didn't do the things he was doing the I don't know where the rocket again, they're moving up now sitting at the three seat. I don't think they're going to get to Denver. The three games away from them. Denver now half game behind Golden State in three ahead of Houston. So congratulations to James harden. And he gets our vote for him VP across the board. Right one-two-three unanimous win and that matters not at all to the actual. But if I could be one either him or Janas for a day, I'd it'd be out to Tacoma, listen without the not even close. We got Jacob degrom Cy Young. Who's to say, we can't get James harden? MVP smart. You you. Julia UK. You're good coming up as we said. It's raining cash for baseball's best player, but what's the forecast for his team going forward? Especially when it comes to postseason play. We'll get to debt after this..

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