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It on raku, YouTube, Apple TV Zoo mope Ludo and most smart TVs. Newsmax is real news for real people Watch it today. Robert concerning the PICS essay contest. So you have to apply before you submit an essay and then a panel of judges decide who gets to enter, But you want a broad spectrum of entry, so they're not going to exclude everyone. And you will award the nearly million dollars for these prizes later this year. It's not like somebody wrote to me and compared it to James Randy's The Amazing or Amusing Randy's contest. A million bucks for evidence of UFO's or paranormal, and he never awarded it. You're gonna ward this money, right? We absolutely are. I'm not gonna come down with writer's cramp at the last minute. I had not gonna happen. We absolutely will. Andre. We don't know if there's there's going going to be other contests. We want to get Through this our first rodeo to see how well everything is coming together, and we're gonna be excited to write those checks and excited toe. Have the people if they want to come forward, and maybe on your show George and talk about their essays and, uh, that that would be fantastic. That would be great. Yeah. You're not gonna stash these away in a vault somewhere. The essays will be published. Maybe even some of the runners up. I mean, you want to get the word out and encourage people to continue the research. Well, the essay's belonged to the author's right. So it's their property. We're asking for permission. Azzan Applicant at his Ennis, an entry Do the contest to put them up on our website. So we're asking for permission just to do that, and we'll try to encourage them to give interviews. Um To whomever and and so you know that that's all part of the of the idea to expand the The field. You know, Bix, I guess is an independent arbiter of the value of the evidence that will be submitted in the essays. But you have already sort of reaching conclusion. You think there is an afterlife? On You Hope I think that's some kind of communication can be established. I am I overstating that. Well, let me back up. The vics is not an arbiter of the success or failure of the arguments that the contestants are going to try to make. That's up to the five judges. And we have no control over those judges. We simply selected the best we could out of the people that that we knew in the field and related areas where we thought these air These are people who are not easily fooled. And so we have five very good judges. And for better or worse, we have, um A sign to them that responsibility. To make those decisions, and Vicks has nothing to do with who is selected as the winners. No, you you would talk about, uh, your gathering all the best evidence, the best research and books. Everything has been written on the topic. My overstating it to suggest that the sum of the best work was done 100 years ago when they leading minds of the time. We're all interested in this and we're careful to try toe confirm that there really was something going on. But then the topic became discredited because of phony mediums. Yeah, I think I think you're right, George. I think there was a quality of scientific researchers back in the late 18 hundreds early 19 hundreds that was profound. Um then. Um, it changed. You say through fraud was being committed and then people who were legitimate and we're not fraudulent. Were labeled on spirit with that thing that same claim that they were committing fraud and so was never quite the same. I think The materialism of science. Probably science has become a religion of sorts all on his own. Um And so there's tremendous peer pressure. If you are a scientist who is studying weird things, you better put it in a brown bag. And not let your friends at the university, you know, notice that you've got this book in your briefcase. Or you're liable to be ostracized and asked to leave the university. E. I want to talk about the consequences of this research because you had shared with me privately of some really strange things that have happened since she kicked this off back in June of last year, it started thinking about it. Things that happen to you things that happened to your staff members, things that happened to family members, and then we saw that New York Times article which is a very flattering Profile of you. And at the end, Ralph Blumenthal writes that he had a really strange experience while working on the story, something that woke him up in the middle of the night and kind of spooked him a little bit. That fits the pattern, though, doesn't it? Uh, yeah, It's part of the The unexplainable. With These kinds of phenomena on and you can you can you can talk it up to serendipity. And you can say well, just a matter of coincidence. That You start something, and it propagates outward to a lot of other folks. Most of whom you know, and then branches out into people that you don't know. On. What do.

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