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Because instructor is very professional very good with kids very nice very respectful when she's been charged with first degree rape and endangering the welfare of a child could face twenty five years in prison cops looking for at least two suspects after a teenager was gunned down in queens nineteen year old Jay Patel was shot dead and his body was dumped a two hundred and sixty eight street in eighty Third Avenue residents of the Glen oaks neighborhood were stunned this doesn't happen when this awesome town where we moved out here just because it's a great town we don't have any trouble like that you know the gangs and everything that doesn't exist around these two suspects were seen fleeing in a red Toyota Camry motive for the killing not known the reputed leader of the trinitarians gang is a long ten people taken into custody for a series of violent acts NYPD deputy chief Timothy McCormick says the gang carried out attacks with knives and machetes we believe that this is random acts of violence by the treaty Terrio gang securing the territory at least two of the suspects have been connected to the mistaken killing of junior ghost month lease in the Bronx they've been charged with conspiracy attempted murder and gang assault First Lady sure lane McRae's mental health initiative continues to face criticism after the deadly attack on for homeless men in Chinatown queens councilman Robert Holden accuse the head of thrive NYC of dodging questions and saying the initiative doesn't have a real plan to deal with emotionally disturbed people says the program isn't helping the mentally ill adding the city's not doing its job with all the money that's been given to thrive and why C. officials with the agency insist most homeless New Yorkers are not mental.

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