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Yep. Candy cane about 550 walking sticks. 550. Would that be a Roman numeral? 500? Yes. Easy. Ellis 50. Yeah, right. And Am and PM go the camel camel. Just a camel? Yes. Can't be throwing on. Yes. Okay, Well, we can't We've got came came out. Alright. Just don't know 150. We're gonna yell and side in the second four candles, candles? Yes, they had King. So give them five points for that. It is 550 in Roman numerals is GDF l And if you appointment and about DL, you put the word canes. You have candles. Very good. Well, if you'd just given me the DL, I would've been right. Yeah, let him Paula. What is X? Found mixed up in sloppy concrete. Okay, That's Mia Farrow. In sloppy happy ornament or cement and Mia. Yeah, I think it is cement and Mia makes step in. So why wouldn't it be? Ornaments? Cement? Ornamental meant me almost time. But you've got the elements. Take the work on me, Accrete. Oh, me a cement. Oh, shoot. Oh, they're just it's all about the other side of it yet, Uh, Christmas Nematode. No zest, Misty motel. I love anybody. Just tell me Does anyone in the audience haven't The number of people ma'am, ornamental them five points because they got all the elements and go to the audience for men's meat is exactly what virtually Wow miss me. That is the word MIA For Mia Farrow mixed up inconsolably Concrete Is the word cement all mixed up and you get minced meat. It's good. And Barry, try this one mixed up. Piano repairman. Piano repairman. Yes. Mixed up. Piano repairman hides flaw in glass. Something about Tooner. All right, that's correct. Tuner hides in glass mixed up. Piano repairman hides flaw in glass. A name for a flaw and glass crack crack. Yes. So crack tuner. Crack tuna, right mixed up. No, no, There's no mixed up. Piano repairman. Norton crack crackle not have ever come to a religious experience to think they're a party because the categories over that's what your Nutcracker is right. The word crack of Florida glass right in the middle of Mixed up tuner and you get Nutcracker. Very good. Haven't says you says you says you says you There are no small roles. What are you laughing at? Over the large funds? Yeah, right. Yeah. Oh, I'll ask the audience. Do we leave that in, boy? This'd is an easy room. The work mortal will give you the cast of a movie. One name at a time. Can you give us the movie? The faster you do it? The more points you get Ernie Round the already round it is Caroline Jeff Gold Bloom Fly the fly to Jeff Gold Room. Add Barbara Hershey. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. No Zach Hirsch, No Jeff Goldblum and Barbara Hershey. Add Fred Ward. Wow, I don't want my favorite movies. I think it's a blank slate Wo, Jeff Goldblum, Barbara Hershey and Fred Ward and Ed Harris. Who? The audience. The audience just got it. It's just the best No no into Jeff Goldblum, Barbara Hershey, Fred Ward and Ed Harris at Sam Sheppard. No, I should have studied. Oh, would have done the homework drew a blank on this one of my favorite movies of all time. I can't wait to see it. But I have no idea what any help from the other side Academy Award winner. Any help from the audience, Right stuff stuff, Jeff. Oh, Jeff, that little surprised. No. One movie. Try this one. Tony..

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