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Deavere smith you would put on different hats to show that she was different characters and she really. She really did the she really did. The work of making the each of those characters distinct and specific. So you could share the story of all of the different forces that made the riots or if you prefer uprisings happen in central los angeles in the early nineteen nineties. Which i thought was incredible. I mean obviously can she. Top anna deavere smith hard to say theatrically but anna deavere. Smith has never sired delete her of a nation. Stay points for points for her. As far as i know. I don't know who joe biden's mother is. Chris how have you spent your twelve and a half inside days. That is a that is a long time to be so purely inside. It is a lot There's stretches that. I can tell you that i've actually just kind of sat around. I've tried desperately to get work done. Luckily and this is not trying to slip another plug but luckily i did have this special. Come out while. I was up here so there was a lot of. You know i was able to break up the days by by talking to people about it and stuff like that. That helped a lot. Chris when it comes to plugs our policies slip it in bed. Babe slip it in arkansas full consent. Slip slip it in okay. Yes means yes means. Yes chris alright like two people at a corporate conference who are in the mood to make some bad decisions. Hotel bar chris. Yeah we've got a couple of. We got a couple of drinks tickets on the company card. Grab a couple of gt's and slipping that plug. But yeah that has that has helped. And then i've been doing Lobe impact cardio workouts. That i find youtube found. Okay is actually this these videos. My wife watches started watching them. And i've done them at home with her a couple of times. But i've now come to learn the the the sort of like social dynamics amongst all the different this team body project they got a million great videos and daniel and alexander married which i knew and i feel like the reason. These videos are because daniels goofball bad ass but she's pretty small and he's pretty big and then you know they're the the assistant instructors insularity people they bring in. I think honestly. Kristen has a crush on daniel. But i my wife says that i'm crazy. But he's only. Chris is a fucking home wrecker no. He's not no but daniels when he turns on the charm with her so bad he turns on the. She's got a smile that could light up a room. And that's what my wife said is you're gonna see. Why are you judging this woman for smiling. Because she has a great small go. No 'cause when daniel sees that smelly that smile and he starts turning on the charm to the point where i think he's written and it's distracting me is. I'm trying to do this. Low impact cardio workout. Just what happened in my high school. Drama club all of a sudden it. Can i tell you what i'm worried about. Well if daniel gets enough smiles he's going to be doing a high impact cardio workout right. Meet somebody at the hotel bar if you know what i mean. Sure the horizontal high impact cardiac. My dad liked to call. Your dad was a cool guy be was a pretty cool guy. They're great videos and they get sweat. And but it's i mean that even though like i'm doing a bit right now i do realize that is what fourteen days inn hotel. It will get to the point where i can do bits about what. I'm perceiving between people in youtube workout video. I do think there is an element there. i was talking to a friend who like kind of like joined. the peleton ranks like. And it's just like all in on peleton And was like. Do you have favorite instructors. And they're like. Oh yeah. I totally favourite structures. This one this one this one and this other one is really funny and i was thinking to myself. There's no fucking way the peleton instructors. Funny there's no way. That's that's hey chris have you way. Somebody who's in good shape could be funny chris. Do you have hotel room television programs. Because i think for many of us who spent time in hotel rooms during touring entertainers people who work the road as salespeople or or the business stuff you have television programs that you will watch in a hotel room that you will not watch in your regular life. I also don't have cable at home and haven't for years. So all of a sudden i get to sink my teeth into some stuff. The big one for me right now. Is that the nba. Playoffs are on And i am a pretty big basketball fan. Who's watched way too many games on my laptops streaming and stuff like that so i been soaking up the playoffs. That's been really good. And i another thing which now i own a home. I bought a home last year. So it makes more sense but for a long time. I have found that if you put me in hotel room unchecked with tv. I will strangely gravitate towards tv. And i'm not certain. Why but it's i find it very compelling sucked into it. I have not watched much. Hdtv in my life. But i do know it as. That's the stereotype of battery. Is that it's something you turn on and hotels and then you of turn on in the background and kind of like it's a white noise what what do you like to watch on it and can you. Can you describe the appeal. Will there's one program in particular. And i'm blanking on the name. Because i don't watch it enough but i have found. It's on tv all the time. Because in the times i am around. Tv's cross paths with. It's this couple who they flip houses and help other people flip houses in waco texas area. And it's it's fun to see on reshape. The house but then i also noticed they have that nice tv like that sort of reality. Tv sweet spot. Which is that. They're both like how like they're hot people. They are a hot cup war hot like tv. Hot there hot like hgtv hut someone you would see at a hotel bar during a conference and ask them if they wanted to slip in a plug their the hottest people you see in real life and they host this show and then you get these hot people. Think about how to flip a home and think about okay. We'll come in. We'll fix up your home and we'll increase the value by this much. So there's something to that of like. This is a weird station. That is somehow playing into some mike. I candy sex appeal but one hundred percent accuracy at the level to which home and garden television should be making that play the really staying within the parameters of what they. But they're still pushing it to the max for them and i like it. Well that's not the answer you were looking for. No i mean. I think jordan i know a little something about that. I think when jordan and i were doing on air work. A lot of people told us That that's about where we sat. You know hotness wise it was like you're not you know penelope cruz but you're penelope cruz. Sister i wanna know which network parameters jordan. And i were working together. I've see. tv's the grid yeah it was hgtv. It's different than ifc hot. Yeah but but you know what. I have see hot. It helps to be slightly off when my show is untrue. Tv i was not Not very hard fusion. I was a little higher up in the ranks. Chris i think you are ten times as fuck as impractical jokers. You seen them no. They're all very very charismatic. And charming you no. Yeah i mean. I understand understand the charm but i mean as far as pure fuck ability. I mean you've got. I mean it depends on who's looking it depends on who's looking. This is just one man's opinion one man's opinion if if you want if you want like somebody to dominate. I'm definitely more up your alley than the jokers. But if you're if you're somebody who's into like an auditor there then you're going. You're going joker all day long get. Let me ask you this though. Chris got there. Do you not think look. You're a successful comedian. You're a successful podcast. Her jordan and i are comedians podcast terrorism. And i think that sure are we penelope cruises. Sister hot maybe maybe we want to wear back in our ifc days but not anymore..

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