Stan Mcchrystal discussed on Leadership Lab with Dr. Patrick Leddin


What doesn't just do what's important to us. That is very important. That can think back to those ideals. You talked about earlier ultimately. It's it's it's easy to easier to stay tethered to stay tethered difficult times. If you know what you're connected to train yeah. It gets back to ask the question. Why is it that way and someone says well. it's been that way while no we just. We just proved. It doesn't have to be that way. So what do we want it to be. And those are very important conversation. Some of which are be it had. But in many cases i think they're fairly superficial. I think we need to have deeper conversations about how we want our society to work how we want our politics door how we want our economy to work. And you know in the moment when everybody's just trying to go on vacation or you know. Enjoy a post kobe thing. There's a little reticence to have those but things will happen in an unfortunately if we missed the moment if if we take the next year and we don't take advantage of it. The pieces will slow. Down inertial a setback in short of wherever wheel and it will be hard to adjust again and so we don't want another pandemic to help us. Well stand you said. We had a gift of this moment to make some new choices. I think we had a gift today with you. Being on the podcast. I really appreciate your service to our country The lessons you're teaching all of us as leaders and your willingness to spend thirty minutes or so chatting with myself and the audience. I really appreciate that so much that you're completely my honor and thanks for all you. Oh my pleasure. Take care of yourself. Low folks that's all. I have for today's episode. My thanks to general retired stan mcchrystal for joining me today to discuss leadership and global an ever changing world..

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