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With with arnold What allen draft. So the fritz all right so anyway you had a problem with one problem with A terminator he's very well thought through so well thought through through so he goes back in time to kill the the possible parents of of John connor leader of the of the new movement are the resistance but only add to do is prevent his parents meeting each other. I mean you can go back four generations earlier and just put on a different train so they never meet and that entire genetic lineage cover exists right right so this idea that he's got to kill them and it's gonna be all bloody that made it like a violent movie but it could have been on a little more with with less blooding gore but also just the fact that when he comes through he comes out butt naked. Remember that out in this bubble and you remember why had to come through but naked. Because i am flesh off into skeleton because nothing no living tissue. No dentition may go through right. Nothing's ever the time machine. Except of course hair is dead so he would have been totally bald. Come with no eyebrows. Nothing okay. I just thought i'd say that was an inconvenience alabi..

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