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Also Mario Porn fucking mushroom soup on mushroom soup. Concentrates fucking discuss. Who gave a recipe Campbell Campbell? No it was. Yeah Yeah fucking big can unpack fuck that cranberry sauce I. You don't like cranberries that did you grow up in the kind of place where you would just put the can out in the shape relly our lives yet and then it just as Gigli Gigli dad on keeping it in the can shave on the table and then we have to slice it off like the circles because he liked the circle is just like a beach. It's almost like a religious. Yeah I like it in tact through rings to see how old the cranberry we are just startling guy. Funny what rules become very important. Patience for people and then you go Out into the world. And you're like no that's not do oh I grew up fucked up never understood the a sort of fanfare around cutting. Open the Turkey cutting open no rump talking about like it's very anti fans there one that you use once a year that electric and the other part of the batteries are out of this. You got fucking you know. It's just so anticlimactic fuh so you don't pass around the rest of the dishes while this jackass figuring out where only eating pie on Thanksgiving we'll let me let me say this. Let me break it down for it. Okay so I'm as awesome from Tucson a few years ago I figured out that one of the places that I like to stay in Tucson because both my parents don't have places anymore that I my dad immediately immediately turned my bedroom into his bedroom. Study it happened. I think I was like five minutes away from throwing away so so so I stay in. It's the desert is beautiful. It's great in the winter. I never go in the summer because I always hate heat but this place that is. It's just one of the western something but they have thanks giving buffet though only one year. It was like you know. Let's just do. Let's see what it's all about and they have you know it's Tucson's Tucson's so they have like the you barbecue. We got barbecue you on crowd. Legs crab legs crab leg a pile of barbecued meet and like a tamale done. Whatever shape and color you want? It's like they have everything. Hearts tremendous waste of food. Although I don't know oh because that places like Japan I bet they have. There are people every year that probably look forward to that and they show the fuck. It's like there it's lovely so it's really good if you can eat outside and beautiful so that has kind of become not going this year and I for without reason. I.

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