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Really far a lot of squid. Go my way my way and you know just like things happened. Mr mark sometimes addition and took. But i you know another just common there be prepared each if you if somebody likes you. That's a win you somebody like your vision yet one. Because they're going to you back from what you know. And i are brought me for this thing. And i got a three episode like the three Gig in ended up just becoming forty four episodes or incredible three eaters because it gives kept writing this guy with mike mike mike so i'm super super grateful for them for doing and i think that's when i started things that kind of changed a little bit like got got They gave me a lot of like material. Give me more material like really like act in the thing and stuff like that and then i also noticed that the additions that will get that more higher profile things i was only getting regular so it's only getting turned after that part the role expedia promoted essentially. Yes now consider working on this pilot. I hope it's hope it goes. Well this is. This is a project might album was right now. Oh my god. So beyond info to be a part of mr cooling concept you know. It's just a. I dreamed of working on. Seems like when you're actually doing it when fantasy becomes reality its most intense thing in the world because we can dream all day. But once you start to take place and shift and actually come to fruition. It is somewhat of an out of body experience. When you catch yourself in certain situations where you just you dreamt about this you you laid in bed thinking about being here and ask them. You had a great quote a couple episodes ago about what you're doing now was at one point a dream to you whatever it is and that that will really a shrink gratitude no matter what role you have is. Whatever you're doing at one point you were doing that. And that was just kareem. I go ahead no misallocated important. Weren't you sick is having gratitude being mindful ungrateful all the things. You have every time like every time you know. I never forget ledge whether i'm doing something about the The worst day on. Say i'm a show tiredly. Nothing's going to stooping everybody. Because i saw i don't wanna be right in august. I always just say who back in just like you're gonna have bad day you work. You're not gonna have. Everybody has a bad day at work. But you know you get back. Then i could be still like bussing fucking tables have like who knows yup serving beard and my dec- this industry is all about goals. And it's like every position you're in every year you have certain goals and it's like you know i'm certainly not where you're at now but i look at what i'm doing now and i'm like oh my god. I remember years ago when i was like. I just wanna get a audition or just need rep. So i can do that or god. I just want it blah blah blah and then you get to a certain point you look back and you're like oh i am right now where i wished i was years ago and five years from now. I'm gonna be somewhere that today. I wish i would be important to look back and go. Actually reminds you favorite oscar speeches and like people like fucking shit on cuba gooding. Wildest gr- great gratitude speech. I've ever heard my favorite one. Remind me of what you just said. and it's it's Matthew mcconaughey speedco. Yeah we're like what do you wanna be when you wanna be my heroes. It's me tenure years recipient meat and you should never ends up chasing that thing. You gotta total thing. You know. it's fucking awesome. Yeah and i bet your past self as you for just sticking it out and and jumping off that cliff with or without that parachute. He didn't care you were jumping and and We do need to like. I do need to remember my fourteen year old self. Who is sitting in the indiana house laying on the bed. Thinking how the hell is going to happen. I want to do this. But how right. So we honor their past selves by like continuing in our present. You know what i mean. Interfaith enter future. Enter future so so All those episodes of the show. I mean things started to change for you and And as they as they progress More into like postcode world your onset right now. You're obviously making making things happen. What what do you. What do you look for in the future. What do you wanna do and and how are you going to go about doing it or you just want to keep doing what you're doing here with more frequency and more exposure in better projects i mean that's the second part is the angle but obviously you know i wanna be able to get to spot for i. Can you know. Try like to have some kind of influence ranking like have a platform like make it. Megan specific difference. You know. my little brother has autism. And i'm really keen on like special needs. Autism awareness. the early close to me My dad is a works at a social that works the ease. The boss of Trenton in my ears credible guy. And he is social service of firmness specifically geared to latin american community in trenton so like immigration reform Mastercard situation Things like esl classes. All these things that happened to like really auburn hurting matches. Latin american immigrants using general. You know he's really forward about that. He's done so much religious communities. That's something i wish to do when i have. You know. be more like our love to have production company to open it up to like various groups like landon genie's or black communities or monastic communities have really inclusive skimmed them. The free railing. I'd money bro. Want one you know trying to be able to do that. He's able to give them more of a voice you know that's always get there first. That's that's definitely one of the angles. Have everybody just have a production company. Honestly wherever you want you want to do a movie you undo. Hysteria has done. Here's a money y- does that. Does that come from the world and its rewards that it's given to you and this idea that like you've been given so much in this world and now we're at an age kind of where we start to look introspectively and say like what am i doing here at m. i leaving this world better than when it found it and this idea you do affect people the the idea that you can help people and and that kind of shifts your priorities and now you're you're wanting to give you know you're wanting to give and i think that's just from being given so much. Do you agree man. I i i also think. I think the generation generation after.

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