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On the hill carl by good morning dan how are you good how're you are doing fantastic i love living in connecticut and i'm not movin how 'bout that all right my family benazir for quite some time we own attacked business that's uh eighty years old and it it's been run by five generations of women so when you talk about that lady being dissed respected in chambers in public or not that is paramount to the way the democrats do business in this state they dress people down and they have bear some to go away when they have brain power and that's what's wrong in the public needs to know about it absolutely they need need to know about it then then and that's why i say this election coming up in november carl is such a crucial election as far as which direction the state will go we are at a crossroads one of a wanted the bill that uh mr mcdonald and law long that are proposed if you remember was a uh committee that could be set up in any church in our state in that committee could go in and start doing auditing and other things that uh the committee felt that they wanted the duty remember that belts not only do i remember that bill i talked about at last week and by the way so did the members of the judiciary committee during that search t now were long hearing last week over mcdonald's nomination had his explanation was well i brought this up and michael brought it up because of a constituent and if you buy that then i've got an islet i want to sell you off the coast of manhattan while that was that was directed at one of the biggest institutions in our state and serai and um i think that that thing alone should be speaking as to who these people are and what the kremlin due to ruin us in this state i got a suggestion for your pensions they may not like it on the receiving end but it might be a uh awakening how 'bout this how 'bout they released about the recipient has their pension adjusted based on the place where there filing their tax return so that they move that north carolina or florida and it's 70 percent less the live there their pension gets 70 percent less distribution too well there has then actually uh lawmaker.

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